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Why Are Most Weight Loss For Women Programs Doomed to Failure?


Sally, Jane, Mary, Andrea, Jill, Janet, Alexandra, Annette, Jillian, and Nicole all started a program that was made specifically to increase weight loss for women.

Weight Loss For Women

Weight Loss For Women

Their starting date was March 1 of this year. Each one was gung-ho about starting, each one was ready to make changes to their bodies, and each one said to themselves, “this time I’m going to do it, no matter what!”

Yet by March 15, a full 50% had already dropped out of the program! And by April 15, only 3 people were left, Jane, Jill, and Alexandra. By the time the official 12 week program was over, only 1, Alexandra, had completed the program all of the way through.

Did you know these are normal statistics for the weight loss industry? Only 1 in 10 people starting a weight loss for women program ever finishes? Pretty poor odds, right?

Weight Loss For Women

Weight Loss For Women

I have 20 different strategies that will help you (Woman or Man) dramatically increase the odds of your weight loss success.

I’ll give you four strategies for each blog post starting with this one:

Strategy #1:  Have a Powerful and Meaningful Reason to Change
Your reason to change must be strong.  It can’t be because you want to lose 20 lbs, or to fit into your bathing suit this summer.  Such reasons are not important enough to propel you forward, through thick and thin, and the obstacles that life always seems to throw at you.

You will experience hurdles during your transformation experience. It is just about inevitable. Life is far too busy and unpredictable for to completely avoid the obstacles that “get in the way” of achieving your body transformation goals.  This is why your reasons for wanting to change have to be strong – stronger than the obstacles and roadblocks you will encounter.  These barriers can stop you in your tracks unless your underlying motivation to change is stronger.

Strategy #2: Make A Decision To Change
You can have all of your goals neatly organized, but without making a conscious decision to change – without saying “That’s it, I’m making the decision right now, right here, today! I’m going to commit to changing my body and to do whatever it takes to get into the shape I want and have dreamed of forever” – you will not truly trigger your entire being to accept your decision to change.

The introspection associated with your decision to change triggers a cascade of psychological signals that can bring out tremendously powerful, and previously unrealized mental processes. New ways of thinking – ways that seemed totally foreign to you before, will now seem as if they were second nature.  Whereas before, you might have said, “I just can’t resist chocolate. I was born with a sweet tooth and there’s not much I can do to change that”, now you’ll say, “I still love chocolate, but I am doing something very important for myself, more important than the fleeting taste of chocolate in my mouth.  And this project is to create the body and person I knew I always could have and be, but never knew how.  Now I do. ”

Making the decision to change initiates a mindset transformation that completely realigns your goals, wants, needs, and desires.

Strategy #3: Create A Sense Of Urgency
I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of creating a sense of urgency, or positive pressure inside yourself. When you can attach some kind of deadline or date to your goal of getting in shape, your difference in attitude towards food – one of the major stumbling blocks for most people – is profound. Other roadblocks will also seem pretty small when you pair a meaningful goal with a limited time frame in which to accomplish it.

Strategy #4: Write Down Your Goals, Draft a Contract With Yourself, then Sign and Date it

To permanently succeed in your body transformation, you must find your “supreme objective” and make all other elements in your life conform around it. And, it’s not enough to merely say the reason(s) out loud: they must be written down.  As a contract between no one else but you and the good Lord, these words form a powerful force to not only propel you forward on your journey, but to keep you glued to the wheel of your ship through the worst of storms.

I know – this sounds a little corny.  In fact, I’ve had many people tell me that they read about this technique, but did not apply it because it seemed to be “mumbo-jumbo,” or feel-good, sound-good advice without much value.  It was only after failed attempts to change their body that they applied this method and realized how powerful it could be.

So whether it’s weight loss for women or men, get started today with Strategies 1-4, a little later today I’ll provide you with 5-8.

Take Charge!


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[…] Why Are Most Weight Loss For Women Programs Doomed to Failure Did you know these are normal statistics for the weight loss industry? Only 1 in 10 people starting a weight loss for women program ever finishes? Pretty poor odds, right? […]


Very nice post.
I think not only women but most of the men are also not able to complete the weight loss program.It needed lot of passion and self control.
Thanks for the sharing.

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