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Strategies to Help Increase Weight Loss For Women


The title is a misnomer. These strategies won’t just help increase weight loss for women, they work equally well for guys too.

Strategy #5: Take Your Photoweight-loss-for-women-3

Most people have, in their mind, a view of themselves and their bodies that is totally and completely different from reality.  Looking in a mirror, some people tend to ignore the reality of what is there because the reality is painful.  We usually only look at the “good” things we see, not the “bad”. A photograph is objective and there is no denying what it shows.  With a photograph we can suddenly “see” the bad things the mirror so sneakily hid. So, regardless of what you see in the mirror each day, you WILL see yourself in a different light when looking at a photograph of yourself. This is a must-do.

Strategy #6: Create A Mission Statementweight-loss-for-women-5

While preparing my program for the journey that eventually led me to the Physique Transformation contest championship, I created a mission statement. I used it as another tool that enabled me to focus on what was truly important. It empowered me to give it my all every day.  I read this mission statement at least once, and sometimes twice per day.  Along with my contract I would religiously read it once in the morning upon awakening, and again right before I went to bed, so it would be one of my final thoughts of the day.

Strategy #7: Measure Your Progressweight-loss-for-women-51

One of the things I did to ensure success was to measure my progress.  I did this in many ways, from measuring body fat to noting the number of repetitions I could do for specific exercises to my diet.  I knew that if my body fat decreased, and the weights and repetitions in my exercise program increased, I was making progress.  If these measurements weren’t moving in the right direction, I knew something was wrong.

I also wrote everything down.  This way, I didn’t have to remember what I did yesterday or last week, and I could use the information to help plan workouts and goal weights and reps.

How many people do you know that tell you they work out, yet when you look at them they look the same as they did 2 years before, and they’re still overweight? These people are not practicing a fundamental principle of fitness and exercise: they are not measuring their progress (or lack of it).  If they did, they would realize the lack of progress and conclude that something was wrong with their diet and exercise program.  They would also realize that something needed to be changed in order to re-start their progress.  But, without measuring and tracking, there is no way to know.

Blueprint #8: Make Fast Progress

Achieving fast results is paramount to your future and continued success. With fast progress you are immediately rewarded for your hard efforts. I promise you, nobody likes to work hard at anything, regardless of what it may be, and not receive compensation for that effort.

If you make significant achievements in a short period of time this creates an impetus for you to continue forward. You become excited, and you say to others, “see, this works, I’m losing fat!” Your attitude becomes upbeat, cheerful, and you are super motivated about continuing on with eating right and exercising regularly. The small victories fuel future larger victories, and they all add up to a self-fulfilling prophecy of eventual success.

How, then, do you make fast progress a reality? By following scientifically proven principles of exercise and diet. When combined correctly, the result is a synergistic melding that produces greater results than the combined total of the individual components.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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Yes, we have all done the YO-Yo diet, including most “slimmers of the year”.

I think we really know by now that diets on their own do not work and a change of lifestyle is the only way.

Great articles and lovely site.

Simply Lose Weight

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