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The Link Between The Best Ways To Lose Weight and Your Head


Some of the best ways to lose weight I’ve found include these 4 top strategies. You’ll be surprised I don’t incorporate more actual tips or techniques in these strategies. The reason is tips and tricks only cover the surface level of what you should be working on for lifelong fitness. If you don’t also work on your core habits as well, you might as well hang up your gym shorts.

Without further adieu…

Strategy #13: Anticipate Obstacles, Roadblocks, and Problems

Anticipating Obstacles is one of the ways to lose weight

Anticipating Obstacles is one of the ways to lose weight

Sometimes, unlucky things happen when you least expect it.  And, they can easily happen to you during your program.

It is very likely that you will experience some difficulties: something will suddenly ‘pop up’ to derail your efforts, unless you prepare yourself for the probability.  By mentally preparing yourself for the day (and trust me it will come) when one of life’s problems confronts you, you will be better equipped to understand what is happening and bend the situation to conform to your higher objective.

Strategy #14: Concentrate on Building Muscle

Building muscle is one of best ways to lose weight

Building muscle is one of best ways to lose weight

The only real “tip” of the four, to lose fat in the fastest manner possible you must

concentrate on building lean, healthy muscle. The answer is not performing endless cardiovascular activity.  I know that this advice probably flies in the face of what you’ve read or heard, or even what you feel is intuitively right.ways-to-lose-weight-3

Simply put, more muscle on your body increases your metabolic rate, or the rate at which you burn calories. A higher metabolism, all else being equal, helps you lose weight faster.

Strategy #15: Hold Yourself Accountable to Someone

One of the most powerful things you can do to assure continued progress is to tell someone of your plans to begin (and finish) the 12-week Beyond Genetic program.  Psychologically, we are stronger at performing and keeping to a task if we tell someone we are going to do it.  You are being held accountable to that person for following through on your promise to complete the program.

Ask this person to call or keep in touch with you on a regular basis.  Then, provide them with feedback on your progress.  Tell this person that there may come a time in your program when you’re struggling, and that, under no circumstances is he or she to be sympathetic with your struggles.  Instruct them to do everything in their power to get you to continue on track.  Give them a copy of your contract so they can see and use it, if need be, when the time comes.

Strategy #16: Reward Yourself

Making progress? Then reward yourself. Treat yourself for what you’ve done with a positive “event”, or experience. If you like shopping, give yourself a goal that when you lose x number of pounds of fat, that you’ll treat yourself to an afternoon of shopping. Or even a day of eating your favorite foods. Overeating on a planned basis (about once every 4th day) will help you accelerate your fat loss results.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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