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Major Breakthrough In Ways To Lose Weight – Part 2


A couple of posts ago I gave you your first lesson on some of the ways to lose weight, and to get and stay in shape. Here’s lesson 2.

I want to remind you of a mistake I made before winning the Body For Life contest. For 8 years I had tried really hard to try and figure out the best ways to lose weight and get in shape. While I did discover quite a number of them, it wasn’t until I put them all together, as a cohesive whole, that I was finally able to get my body to change. It was only the synergy of the combined “effective” methods that caused the massive change to happen in my body so quickly. So I’m going to remind you to do the same. As I go through these lessons, don’t just read about them and try one here or there. PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER! This is the only way you’re going to achieve massive results.

So here’s a recap of your lessons so far:

Lesson 1: You Must Have a Powerful and Meaningful Reason To Want To Change

Don’t forget, the greatest effect from these lessons will be their combined synergy. Now on to lesson 2.

Lesson #2: You Need to Make a DECISION to Change

So now that you have your reason(s) to change, now what? Next you must make that decision to change. What does this really mean? I’ll tell you in a second. But the fact is it’s one of the most powerful things you can do to push yourself beyond anything you could ever have imagined.

You could have all the goals in the world laid out in front of you but if you don’t make a conscious decision with yourself, if you don’t say something like,

“That’s it, I’m making the decision right now, right here, today! I’m going to commit to changing my body and to do whatever it takes to get into the shape I want and have dreamed of forever”,

then you haven’t truly triggered your entire being to accept your decision to change. In fact, if you ask most people that have struggled for years trying to figure out the best ways to lose weight, they’ll tell you that one day they just made a decision to lose the weight. Simple as that. They were usually sick and tired of looking and feeling like crap, and just said, “enough!”

When people make this kind of a decision, it triggers a cascade of psychological signals that causes tremendous and powerful mental processes to occur. New manners of thought that seemed totally foreign to you before will now seem as if they were second nature.

Where before you may have said,

“I just can’t resist chocolate. I was born with a sweet tooth and there’s not much I can do to change that”, now you’ll say, “I still love chocolate but there’s something I’m doing now that is very important for me, more important than the fleeting taste of chocolate in my mouth. It’s about creating the body and person I knew I always could have and be but never knew how…now I do. ”

Or some other similar self-talk.

Making that decision to change causes a mindset transformation that completely realigns your goals, wants, needs, and desires. You understand you won’t have to give up chocolate completely, but you will curtail the amount you used to eat because it’s no longer productive to your goals.
tips to lose weight - report
Because you now have more important reasons than chocolate and you made that decision to change, the seeming agony you used to experience by depriving yourself of your favorite food has now almost disappeared – replaced by a focused goal towards a betterment of your body.

You ‘suddenly’ realize that the lasting feeling of an in shape body is MUCH better than the short-lived taste of chocolate in your mouth.

What will cause you to make this decision? The reasons are as varied as there are stars in the sky. But by using Lesson #1 along with some of the other lessons to come (Lesson #5 is usually enough to push one into making that decision), you should have no problem making that “shift” that suddenly opens up the possibilities and doors of change for you.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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tips to lose weight - report

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Hi, I’m having a very difficult time with contacting and getting a response from Harry on an order I purchased well over a month ago. The phone number does not work and I’ve tried several of the email addresses given for contact. It’s frustrating and I’d like to believe that Harry is an ethical businessman. Any help is appreciated to get a response from him. Thanks in advance!


I hope you get a response and a reason soon Jim. I hate to think I have wasted my time reading something from someone I can’t trust.


Lesson #2 is great. So many people want change, they want to make a change in their lives, but they never get around to doing it. They never take that first step that leads them on their journey.

You need to DECIDE to take a long and hard trip that can and will bring about change. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s one that will pay off.



Please get in touch me me at There are several phone number we have terminated because we no longer had any use for them. It is possible that we may have missed updating some of our materials with the new phone numbers. Please get in touch with me at and I will personally be glad to help you with any needs you may have.

Thank you.

Harry Johnson Jr.



There will always be issues associated with running a business. Sometimes, not being perfectly responsive with customer service issues is one of those “growing pains” type of things that are unfortunate, buy nonetheless happen. Please judge when and if nothing is ever done about those issues. This is the first I have heard of this and have already responded to Jim to see what it is I might be of assistance to him, or what I may have faltered on in my obligations to him. Thank you for you consideration. Regardless, please do not discount any of the information I have provided you here. It is valid, it is researched, it is proven, it WILL help you, regardless of your condition, and whether you decide to buy from me at any time in the future or not. I simply want you to understand that the info I have provided will in fact allow you to make dramatic body transformations. Don’t find an excuse to not hear what I’m saying as true and valid and useful in helping you get a better and healthier body. If you make an excuse for yourself to stop, you justify your “failure” mechanism you’ve likely harbored for a long time. If I’m wrong I apologize. However, if you’re looking for an excuse to quit, or find a “better” solution, there are none. Trust me. Listen, read, pay attention, take heed…. and you will get a better body.


Hi Harry I found your story about the fitness for life contest a couple of years back. It inspired me to do what I have always wanted to do and get in shape. I studied your blue prints you sent to me at the time and have followed your program for the majority of the last couple years. I have made some major changes for myself mentally and physically. I have lost nearly 100 pounds and I am probably in the best shape of my life. Although I am not exactly where I want to be yet I know I am on my way. I am back up and at it and going strong. I enjoy your stories from the e-mails I get from you it is great to hear your tips, trials and accomplishments you have experienced.
P.S. The subject about your sensei, I would say brush it off and forget that it ever happened. I say it is better to “walk softly with a big stick” rather than hold a grudge and look for opportunity for revenge.

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