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Let Me Count The Ways to Lose Weight Now



To Lose Weight Now Come To My Blog

To Lose Weight Now Come To My Blog

That’s the word to describe our Nation’s preoccupation with the ways to lose weight. We can’t seem to get enough. And usually, as soon as we lose some fat, we put it all back on again (and then some).

So, here they are… My Top 3 Way to Lose Weight Quickly

  1. SURGERY – Walking or running is overrated… so go to your nearest doctor and have them lop off a leg. This will make you permanently lose weight.
  2. GO INTO MASSIVE DEBT – Have so many bills you have to pay that there’s no money left over to buy any food. This will make you drop a few pant sizes very quickly.
  3. HIRE A PERSONAL ASSISTANT – They have to be MUCH bigger than you. Their job is simply to shadow you wherever you go and physically hurt you if you put the wrong foods in your mouth.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with these puns.

But here’s the real serious side to all of this.

Every day you delay in doing something about getting in shape, you’re hammering away at the “nails in your coffin” just that much sooner. “But I don’t want to live to be that old anyway”, you shout. Me neither.

Can I ask you to do something real simple? I promise you’ll get a lot out of it.

Next time you’re “out and about”, just take a look around you… Specifically, take a look at the majority of the “old” people you find. What do you notice? Do you like what you see? Do you want to look that way one day?


If you “knew” that at the very moment you ate food you’re not supposed to, or you missed one of your exercise sessions, you’d immediately turn into one of those “old folks” in an instant, and, irreversibly… how easy would it be to stay away from those foods or to do your exercise sessions?

I think if most of us knew we’d immediately get old as a result of just one bad piece of food we ate, most of us wouldn’t eat it. I think that’s a fair assumption, right?

Yet did you know you are likely doing that very thing? Because… most of us do NOT eat that donut, or ice cream, or piece of pie “occasionally” (which is perfectly fine), instead, we eat these kinds of foods almost every single day. Even if it’s not a donut or ice cream, the food you’re eating could be acting just as badly in your body as those other, more obviously “bad” foods. Mashed potatoes and gravy, baked potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream, fried foods, greasy hamburgers, pizza, packaged foods OF ANY KIND (yea, this means pasta, rice, etc.). This is part of our “normal” everyday diets.

And you’re well on your way to getting old before your time.

HOW DID EATING THESE TYPES OF FOODS GET TO BE NORMAL!?! This is the question I want to ask.

Can we partially blame it on the manufacturers for making such great-tasting food be so damn awful for you, health-wise? Maybe… but it’s still our hands that pick up those foods and place them into our bodies. I’m not blaming you, in fact, you probably have been conditioned to eat the way you do… starting way back when you were a child. Think about it and you’ll likely remember this to be true.

Here’s the bad part about getting old prematurely (which is exactly what happens when you eat your “normal” diet). You suffer! That’s right! Look very carefully at all those old people. You think they hobble around like that because it’s easier to do so? No, they move that way because of the PAIN they’re experiencing. Go ahead… ask them!

Look at this picture of Jack LaLanne at 94.

Jack Lalanne Ways To Lose Weight

Jack Lalanne Ways To Lose Weight

Is Jack a burden on his family? Is he a burden on the medical care system? The answer is obvious. Jack has taken good enough care of himself earlier in life that he doesn’t have to suffer now like others his age do (if they’re even still around). And he’s enjoying life, without pain, not wishing for the end like many people do because they’re suffering so much.

And then there’s Sal! I met Sal on the beach the other day where I work out. A fitness marvel of a human being considering he’s 87 years young. Yet, is what he has done really that extraordinary? I mean, Sal simply took care of himself. He ate right – he showed me his recipe for natural protein bars (look for it in an upcoming blog), we talked about his diet, his exercise. It’s clear as a bell why he is so sprightly at an age when most people are either bed-ridden, on oxygen tanks, in a nursing home, or dead!

There were virtually NO SIGNS OF AGING on Sal’s body. Is he a freak of nature? No, he just did the right things for his body.

People, we have to take responsibility for our own health. Cancer rarely develops by itself without some prodding from us by either starving our bodies of the right nutrients, or eating too many bad foods. Heart disease just won’t happen if we eat correctly. Make the right food choices in life and you won’t burden your family, and, our over-burdened medical system.

Get a grip on yourself and DO THE RIGHT THING! And if you already are, congratulations!

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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Powerful stuff that really hits home for me since I see this in my own family every day. Thanks for posting.


The guy in pictures above was in a weight-loss book called “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips. He used Bill’s system to loose weight so Bill used him in his book. Why is he in here? This is not how he lost the weight!

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