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20 Ways To Lose Weight – Part 3 (cont.)


Tuning back in from yesterday’s post we continue where we left off…

When Susan called she said, “I’m going to ask you a few questions to help us pick who the champion is going to be”. She then proceeded to ask me a series of questions and then she asked one that caught me off guard…

“You are still in good shape aren’t you?” After thinking for a few milliseconds about what I should say I said, “Yes, I’m still in good shape.”

I lied, and I felt really bad for saying that I was still in shape when in actuality I was far from it. During the 2-½ months since I had completed my transformation program I had barely worked out. I had no desire to do anything at all about my physique or worry about supplements or even the kind of food I put into my body after my father had died. I had let myself get badly out of shape — again!

How many ways to lose weight does this man need to get in shape? Remarkably, only one will dramatically change how we looks.

How many ways to lose weight does this man need to get in shape? Remarkably, only one.

Susan then said, “That’s good you’re in shape because in 2 weeks, on Dec. 18, we’re going to fly the winners to Golden, Colorado for the Grand Champion awards ceremony plus shoot physique photos on Saturday the 19th.” I sheepishly said in a voice that hopefully wasn’t quavering too much, “great?!?”

Before we were done talking, Susan said the winner would be called the next day and arrangements made to fly out to Colorado. She wished me luck and I said goodbye. Needless to say, I was nervous as could be.

Sheer elation at the thought of potentially winning this contest was suddenly replaced with immense terror at the thought of actually winning this thing. “What if I really did win it? HOW would I get into the shape I was in for my “after” photos I had sent them 3 months before, but in only 2 weeks?”, I cried to myself.

These were the thoughts racing through my head for over 24 hours until I received that fateful call from none other than Bill Phillips himself on Saturday evening, Dec. 5th, congratulating me on becoming the newest 1998 Physique Transformation Champion. I remember Bill coming on the line, without introducing himself I might add, and saying, “Harry, if you had the choice between a red, and a silver corvette, which color would you pick?” Dumbfounded, all I could mutter was “uhhhhhh….” A cacophony of congratulations broke out over the telephone line after Bill said, “Harry, this is Bill Phillips, I want to congratulate you on winning the 1998 Physique Transformation contest (changed to the Body For Life contest the following year)!”

This is the Corvette I won for winning the 1998 Body For Life contest

This is the Corvette I won for winning the 1998 Body For Life contest

Was I happy? You bet! But then a sense of urgency swept over my body and I get goose bumps still, just thinking about it.

“I need to be in shape in less than 2 weeks! And not just any old shape either, but championship caliber material shape”, I cried!

I looked intensely at the calendar and saw from that Sunday the 6th (the next day) until the photos were to be taken on Saturday the 19th, there would only be 14 days to get ready.

Talk about the power of positive pressure. Here was the man I had idolized for so many years talking to me on the telephone, telling me I had won his contest, and he was inviting me to his home in Colorado to be honored as the new 1998 Physique Champion. Talk about being scared out of my mind!

I definitely did not want to let Bill, myself, or my family down. The humiliation of showing up out of shape as THE champion was a thought I could not bear.

But what was I to do? I could re-transform myself if I had the time but I couldn’t really do it in only 2 weeks, could I?!?

I made a momentous decision that day. I said to myself that instead of worrying myself half to death about it, I would instead focus on what I needed to do and then do everything in my power to transform my body back into the shape it had been in before.

I wouldn’t worry about not being to accomplish my goal I would just do it, with no thought at all of the consequences of not achieving it.

I just ran on pure faith…

And I’ll tell you, as soon as I made that decision that I would do any and everything to get my body back into my previous shape my whole life changed.

My entire thought process changed, I became consumed with forcing my body into shape and I never worked so hard to do it either. I knew down to the last micro-ounce how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats I was consuming. I upped my supplement intake to handle the increased demands on my body. My weight training sessions were so intense that people were staring at me and wondering what had turned me into such a seemingly crazed individual.

There was no stopping me from that Sunday through the next two Saturdays.

I had my bodyfat measurements taken at the beginning of that 2-week period prior to the Championship ceremony and the results showed I was at 14% bodyfat. Now while this was not obese or grotesquely out of shape by any means, it was a far cry from my ultimate shape where my bodyfat percentage was a paltry 5.5%. At this 14% level of bodyfat I didn’t look at all like my ‘after’ photos…my ‘before’ photos was more like it.

I made a decision and promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to change. And since the ceremony was only 2 weeks away, this tremendous sense of urgency invaded my very existence. I HAD to change in 2 weeks…I would accept nothing less than a 200% effort out of myself.

I was also convinced I WOULD change dramatically. I had absolutely no doubts that I would get my body back into photo-ready shape. I truly believed!

So was I able to get myself back into my championship winning shape of 5.5%? No…I didn’t. However, I did reach a bodyfat percentage of 7.3%. And when I took that final measurement it was no surprise to me (because the mirror was telling me I had been making tremendous progress over those 2 fateful weeks).

I knew all along my body would dramatically change. I trusted in my program, which included these 20 lessons — BLUEPRINTS really —  and applied them with my entire heart and soul.

If I had applied only 19 of my Blueprints and left out this one, the power of creating a sense of urgency, there is NO WAY I would have changed so much in so short a period of time, absolutely not.

Don't just go through the motions - use your brain power as one of the ways to lose weight

Don't just go through the motions - use your brain power as one of the ways to lose weight

Can you envision this power of ‘”urgency” and what it can do for you? It is one of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape that I know. I am the perfect example because I lived, breathed, and experienced it. I showed myself the capacity I had to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Before, if someone had asked me if it was possible for anyone to lose half their bodyfat in only 2 weeks I would have said it was impossible. Not anymore.

This real-world example underscores the true power and potential our minds can wield if we believe (which I did with all my heart and soul) and then follow through with action. If you want it badly enough, believe you can do it, do all the right things, and utilize the power of positive pressure, I sincerely and honestly believe you can accomplish anything you desire.

What will your sense of urgency be? I can’t answer that for you. But it has to be the kind of deadline you impose where reaching that ending date you either achieve the success you’re after, or you fail to reach it and the consequences are dire.

And just like the changes I made with my body, don’t think about what you can’t do, but rather what you can and will do with your body.

Concentrating on what you WANT to accomplish, instead of complaining about your “situation” will cause you to focus on solutions. Apply this principle to every aspect of your life, and see if you not only get a better body quicker and easier, but improve other areas of your life too.

Take Charge!

Fitness King
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Thanks for the inspiration! I can think of times of deadlines where I did some of my best work too. But yor account is the best. thanx

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