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20 Ways To Lose Weight – Part 1


What do you think is the strongest muscle in your body?

Is it your back, your legs, or is it a muscle you’ve never considered as one of the ways to lose weight?

Most people that struggle in their ways to lose weight and get in shape don’t utilize the biggest weapon they have in their battle of the bulge…their brain.

Ever considered using your brain as one of the best ways to lose weight?

Ever considered using your brain as one of the best ways to lose weight?

Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t mean people are not smart enough, it’s just they don’t realize the inherent power that lies in that blob of gray matter.

Using our mind correctly is one the most powerful ways to lose weight, and can also be used to improve other areas of our lives as well.

Our emotions, thoughts, actions, habits, mindsets, beliefs, doubts, etc. all have either a positive, or negative influence on what we say we want to accomplish.

And some (I would say most) of us have been programmed into self-sabotaging actions that hinder our progress, whether we’re aware of this or not.

Listen, I’m no different from anybody else that has struggled trying to figure out the best ways to lose weight and get in shape. I have my own personal negative behaviors and genetics that make it hard for me to get in shape. Why do you think it took me so long to finally get there (8 years of no results vs. 12 weeks and a great body by using my brain)? It really wasn’t because I didn’t know how to eat right or exercise correctly…it was because I wasn’t using the tremendous power of my mind to help me figure out the best ways to lose weight.

Have you been using all the resources you have available to you in your quest for the best ways to lose weight? If so then I congratulate you! You’re one of a very small minority.

But if not, then I urge you to read my helpful suggestions on how to make it almost impossible NOT to lose fat, get into great shape, and look the best you’ve ever looked…

Here’s Your First Lesson (more lessons to come):

You Must Have a Powerful and Meaningful Reason To Want To Change

Sounds simple, I know, but it REALLY works!

I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Those that followed through and achieved the body of their dreams were the ones that had a deep-rooted desire to change. This yearning for a new body was stronger than anything that attempted to prevent them from achieving it.

One of the best ways to lose weight is using the motivation for getting in shape for your wedding day

One of the best ways to lose weight is using the motivation for getting in shape for your wedding day

From family or friends feeling threatened by their decision to better themselves (and doing anything to get them ‘off course’ and back to their old selves again), to special occasions that tempted them with foods not exactly conducive to a better body, their reasons to fail were

However, the pain of not getting their new body was greater than the pressures of those people and things attempting to derail them…their need to better their body was more important than anything else.

Stop here and reread that last sentence. You NEED to find that reason or reasons that will overcome and surpass ANYTHING that may be thrown at you. And I promise you there WILL be obstacles and roadblocks that will present themselves to you on your way to your new body. Take a few quiet moments and reflect on why changing your body
is important to you. When you find it, write it down. You will refer to it often.

On your ways to lose weight you will run into obstacles and challenges

On your ways to lose weight you will run into obstacles and challenges

On the other hand I’ve also seen many well-intentioned folks that told me they did have a deep reason to change but somehow could not articulate it to me. They would be the ones that invariably wouldn’t finish their program and would provide me some kind of excuse for not being able to.

These excuses all sounded perfectly logical – to them – but I knew they were all just excuses. And were the consequence of not finding that deep-rooted desire to want to change in the first place.

It really wasn’t their fault though because they just fell into the trap of failing to plan. Part of the plan to success relies in the area of preparation. And the very first step required is to perform this little exercise I have just asked you to do.

Think about this for a second. If you can’t exert the small effort required in finding your reasons to change right here and right now, what makes you think you will be able to exert the much greater efforts required for you to change your body?

[this might be a sobering thought for some of you!]

There seems to be few people in this world who actually accomplish what they set out to do. Heck, there are very few people who even say they are going to do anything. But I believe you are here truly looking for an answer. And if you can listen and trust in what I’m saying to you then maybe you can find that lasting solution you are looking for.

By harnessing the power of your “WHY” you will be taking a great leap forward towards the eventual success of your program.

Listen, it can’t be because you want to lose 20 lbs, or to fit into your bathing suit this summer. You see, these reasons are not important enough to propel you forward…through thick and thin, and the obstacles that life always seems to throw at you.

I can almost guarantee you will experience hurdles during your transformation experience. It’s just about inevitable. Life is way too busy and unpredictable for there not to be something that “gets in the way” of achieving your physique transformation goals.

That’s why your reasons for wanting to change have to be stronger than the obstacles and roadblocks you will encounter. These barriers can stop you in your tracks unless your underlying motivation for changing your body is greater.

And that’s why you really need to spend some quality time alone and find that reason(s) so important to you that you will be able to commit to changing your body no matter what.

And I can’t answer that for you because I can’t look inside your head. I know for me it was the initial prizes that were offered by the contest I won. A brand new Corvette, $10,000, and lots of other goodies were sure enticements for just about anyone.

Winning the corvette was my initial impetus for figuring out the best ways to lose weight

Winning the corvette was my initial impetus for figuring out the best ways to lose weight

But after a careful examination I realized it really was more that just the prizes for me. I understood that winning this contest could really give me the impetus and the platform to be fully involved in this business I loved. Maybe even be able to do it for a living one day. THAT’S what really motivated me then and today.

What motivates you?

Take Charge!

Fitness King
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tips to lose weight - report

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