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All Extremely Confident People Give Up These 13 Habits – Day 1


[Reprinted from article foound in]

Real confidence is built through hard work and excellent habits.

Real confidence is not narcissism.

Although the two often get confused, people with narcissistic tendencies need everyone to think that they’re special. They have a need for admiration and a sense of entitlement that’s rooted in deep-seated insecurities. Authentic confidence has nothing to do with selfishness or needing approval from others.

People who are confident don’t need anyone else to see their poise, because they don’t care. They know which direction is north and they trust in their ability to navigate. No matter what obstacles are thrown their way, they have faith in the process, and believe they will make it to their destination. That conviction, paradoxically, attracts others, because it makes everyone feel more confident in themselves.

Unfortunately, real confidence–something we all want–takes effort to attain. You can’t just buy new clothes and expect that to sustain your self-assurance through the ups and downs of life. You need to practice the self-development exercises that help you build the unwavering self-trust you desire.

The list below shows the first of 13 habits you need to immediately give up if you want astonishing confidence. (tune in each day to see the entire list over the course of the next 13 days):

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