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4 Eye-Popping, Fast Weight Loss Tips


These 4 unique and highly effective fast weight loss tips make it easier to lose weight or maintain the weight you’ve lost.


As early as age 35 our metabolism naturally slows down.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 1 - Keep your metabolism revving with weight training exercise

Fast Weight Loss Tips 1 - To help you lose fat, keep your metabolism revving with weight training exercise

Result 1: A harder time losing fat than when you were younger.

Result 2: Weight gain simply from continuing to eat as you did when you were younger

Self Defense 1: Weight training and regular aerobic exercise to increase muscle mass (which boosts metabolism).

Self Defense 2: Eat food that are full of nutrients and fiber but low in calories. For example: Drink vegetable juice instead of soda. Eat fruit and vegetables instead of bread, rice, or pasta.

Self Defense 3: Reduce your portion sizes.


Food cravings are the nemesis of any dieter. They are the number one reason for failing to stick to a diet. Here’s some tips to help you:


Fast Weight Loss Tips - Crave junk food and you're not supposed to eat junk food? Try sugar-free licorice

Self Defense 4: If You Crave Something Sweet eat a low/no-sugar product. I like sugar-free, strawberry licorice.

Self Defense 5: Make Gradual Changes In Your Diet – not abrupt ones, which can upset mood-altering brain chemicals.

Self Defense 6: Eat Regularly – not skipping breakfast is especially important.

Self Defense 7: Take A Daily Multivitamin/mineral – some food cravings are actually your body’s way of telling you it’s deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral. Here’s the one I make and personally endorse. FREE OFFER (just pay for shipping)!

Self Defense 8: Drink at Least Six to Eight Glasses Of ICE Water every day – Mild dehydration can be misinterpreted as food cravings. Also, sipping ice water burns calories. Drinking cold fluids raises your metabolism to keep your body temperature from falling. Eight six-ounce glasses of ice water will burn an extra 200 calories per day.

Fast Weight Loss Tips - Did you know drinking ice cold water raises your metabolism?

Fast Weight Loss Tips - Did you know drinking ice cold water raises your metabolism?


Don’t start a diet simply to meet some short-term weight goal.

Example: Trying to drop a few dress sizes in time for a special party.

Problem: Pounds that are shed quickly using unhealthy means are likely to return just as fast – if not faster.

Better: Focus on long-term, permanent weight control, which requires a similar long-term, permanent change in lifestyle. Here’s the best program I know to help accomplish that.


Pietro Tonino, MD, chief of sports medicine, Loyola University Medical Center, reported that his studies showed running on a treadmill burns more calories than other common exercise machines. Exercisers who ran on a treadmill burned about 700 calories per hour, compared with those who used a stair machine (627 calories per hour)…rower (606)…cross-country ski machine (595)…stationary bike with arm motion (509)…and standard stationary bike (498).

Take Charge!

Fitness King
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