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Fast Weight Loss Challenge – Can Eating Junk Food Make You Lose Weight Quicker?


This somewhat comical, but nonetheless VERY REAL STRATEGY FOR LOSING WEIGHT FAST is a must see. You’ll be very heartened by what I talk about here as it relates to eating your favorite junk foods. Mine are Snickers bars (the King Sized version), and Ice Cream.

Watch all the way to the end because its there where I show you how you can achieve fast weight loss by eating junk food regularly.

Enjoy! I certainly did making this video.


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this video was very cool!!! You have the right kind of humor!!!!


Love snickers ice cream bars!!! Good tip, will be waiting for more.


I’m def going to try this! Thanks!


Definitely will be following this myself more closer to the tee from now on. Typically in past I have not included a heavier workout after the carb up session. Cheers


how long do you stay on carbs for


Loved the video and the interesting info on diet. Made me feel better about craving and having a high carb day about every 4 to 5 days. Now I know there is a reason for feeling this way. All I need to do is fit it around my workouts.


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Quick Weight Loss Tips…

Long term solutions often work better, but they often take a long time to show results and require a long term commitment….


I should know there is great post like this earlier so I can save a lot of time to search, surely bookmark this page, thx!


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