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Want To Lose Fat? Here’s What To Do

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Want To Lose Fat? Here’s What To Do

lose fat by doing this

To lose fat eat more food… that’s what…

but, but….

No ifs, ands, or buts about it…

Because you MUST eat more on occasion in order to lose fat effectively.

Consequently, sticking to the same low-calorie diet (below maintenance) is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Don’t trust me on this? I don’t care…

Because you can do the same doggone thing you’ve been doing with mediocre results, and you’ll never achieve the shape you’ve always wanted.


You can simply trust…

Because here’s the prescription if you do (trust that is…):

1. Eat ONLY unprocessed foods (the only thing you can eat from a can or box is raw oatmeal and canned tuna or sardines (Wild Planet brand is the best) or wild salmon)
2. Add healthy fats to almost all your meals. i.e., olive oil, flax oil, UDO’s choice blended oil
3. Eat large amounts of vegetables of the following: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, onions, celery, green beans, cabbage, sauerkraut,
4. Eat small amounts of fruit such as apples, pineapple, pears, cherries, strawberries
5. Spices: turmeric, black pepper, Aztec or Himalayan salt

Here’s one of my go-to meals:

1. Heat skillet on high temp
2. Add 3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Turmeric
4. Add a couple of shakes of black pepper (the black pepper helps your body absorb the beneficial effects of Turmeric by over 100%).
5. Add vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) to the heated oil. CAUTION: DO NOT LET THE OLIVE OIL GET TOO HOT AS THE BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES GET REMOVED WITH HIGH HEAT.
6. Cover and stir occasionally.
7. Transfer all to a bowl including remaining olive oil in the pan.
8. Open up either a can of Wild Planet tuna or sardines and add it to the bowl of vegetables (don’t throw away the liquid with these as they are full of Omega 3’s).


You can even eat this meal for breakfast. Trust me, it beats the carb-laden breakfast you’ve likely been eating and wondering why you haven’t been making any progress.

This could be a meal you have several times per day with no problem. Substitute the tuna or sardines for bison, or grass-fed beef, or salmon.


After a hard workout you should consume a much higher carbohydrate meal with starchier carbs such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes within an hour of that hard workout. Have two meals like this before you go to bed (if you work out in the afternoon or early evening).

Once every 7 – 10 days have an entire day where you eat a lot of carbohydrates (and small amounts of protein and fat). Swap this day the next time with a day where you eat a lot of protein and fat (and little to no carbohydrates). The protein and fat should come from (ideally) grass-fed beef, Irish butter (Kerry Gold Brand) and olive oil.

That’s the prescription.

In order to have a life, time the high carbohydrate or fat day on a day when you’re going out with friends or your significant other.

Say goodbye to your fat…

You’re welcome

Most women know they need exercise, but many of them, including some of my clients have expressed frustration at not knowing where to start and how to fit diet and exercise into their busy schedules. Many women are juggling so many things at once-family, careers, relationships, school, and so many other things-that they are looking for a quick fix to the dieting issue.

And that brings me to another point-a lot of women are on an “eternal diet”… It always seems they are watching the carbs, or maybe even (dangerously) skipping meals to try and shed a few pounds here and there. And many of them do drop a few pounds-then put them right back on when the stress factor or just “life in general” kicks in. So how do you devise an effective weight loss diet for women?

Well, for one thing, you must realize that women are individuals. You cannot put a woman on a “generic diet”, no  more than you can a

When devising a weight loss diet for women, take into consideration lifestyle and exercise preferences.

When devising a weight loss diet for women, take into consideration lifestyle and exercise preferences.

man. It just doesn’t work that way. Women, like all of us come in varying shapes and sizes, with different goals, different lifestyles and time constraints. I also believe many women (especially younger women) feel the added stress to conform to society’s ideal of what is “sexy” rather than realizing what are healthy and realistic goals for themselves. Many also have gone through something that us men never will-yep, you guessed it-childbirth. It’s an amazing, beautiful life-transforming occurrence. But the reality of the matter is, it is also a body-transforming occurrence that leaves many women feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about new stretch marks, wider hips and the “baby bulge”. These are all factors I take into account when devising a weight loss diet for women who are clients.

So, for those women who are trying to shed some pounds, but don’t have a personal trainer…Where should you start?  Well for one, I recommend taking a good long, hard look at your life. How are you spending your time? How can you better distribute your time to be able to dedicate more time to fitness? Next, take some pictures-“before pictures”. When you see a picture of yourself, you see the “real you” as is, right now. It can be a wake-up call for many that need to make fitness a priority.Another thing to remember is that temporary “diets” don’t work. You need good, healthy lifestyle changes so you can maintain a healthy body once you have reached your goal weight.

Next, choose an activity you enjoy and that you will stick to. Exercising can be fun, if you just look for the things you enjoy. If you are a more solitary person, perhaps swimming or running is best. But if you are a social butterfly, try a team sport or group classes at a local gym. Also see how much time you have each say to exercise and make the most of it. For time-pressed women, spinning is a great option. Usually classes are no more than an hour long and you can burn tons of calories while pedaling away to great music.

Now the next thing is a biggie-nutrition. You HAVE to eat well-and right- to lose weight and tone up. Even if you exercise  hours a day, everyday, you will never reach full potentialif you aren’t eating well. I make all my clients keep a food and exercise log. That way, you keep track of how many calories go into your body as well as how many are burned through exercise. Remember, that to lose weight you need to burn more than you consume. Also, the QUALITY of foods you are eating are very important. The food guide pyramid is a great source for beginner dieters to follow. It shows how you want to divide up your total daily food intake-whole grains, lean protein, fruits, veggies, and lastly fats and oils which you should use “sparingly”.

If you have access to a qualified nutritionist or trainer, by all means-get some help. He or she can help guide you better on your weight loss journey. But if not, you CAN do it anyway. Just set realistic goals for yourself and be persistent and determined. Remember that hard work and dedication do pay off in the end. Be true to yourself and strive for fitness excellence.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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