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So last weekend was my birthday. I celebrated it by being invited to ride horses (one of my most favorite things to do) by my sweetie.

I’ve always had this “thing” for horses – all my life – don’t really know where it came from as I was never really exposed to them much when I was younger. Horses also seem to naturally gravitate towards me as well. However, not long ago I went to see a Kabbalhist priest here at the Kaballah Learning Center here in N. Miami Beach. This priest came highly recommended, but I was still very skeptical. 5 minutes after speaking with him, however, I was a believer in his “gift”, as he told me things nobody could have known. In Kaballah, one of the tenets is we keep coming back until we get it “right”. Anyway, in a previous life I worked with horses and they were like my children.

So here are some of the photos of that day – had a great time!

Horse Birthday 1MeAnd2HorsesMeHuggingHorse

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For the protein powder for you to use for either your tea, or coffee, try and use a pure whey protein isolate and/or whey concentrate type product (read the label please). This is the one I use: .

The reason you want a protein powder with isolate or concentrate (or both) is for ease of mixing. If the protein powder you choose has the word “casein” in it (as in whey casein, micellar casein, etc) and you add it to a hot drink like tea or coffee, it will clump up and not mix properly. Trust me on this, it will not be pleasant (unless your idea of curds and whey, protein and coffee style, is your “cup of tea” – pardon the pun).


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I Was Reminded Today of Our Mortality

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My mother’s best friend, Aracelli, was buried yesterday. She was at least 10 years younger than my mother, but I always remember her being overweight. She died in her sleep of a heart attack.

Here’s the thing, although she died just this past week, really, she died many, many years before. This is what I mean.

Aracelli was always a very pleasant woman, with a quick laugh, and a big smile, and boy did she love her food. Even as a teenager I remember Aracelli always shuffling to get around. Never active, and very overweight, each step a struggle. My mother would always complain (in a nice way) she didn’t like to go places with Aracelli because she walked so slowly.

My point in bringing Aracelli up is that most of us “go out” like Aracellie does. Decades long declines, suffering with pain, both physical and emotional (can’t do things with the family anymore because I can’t get around well). In fact, dying, because they’re certainly not living life to the fullest, years and sometimes decades before they actually pass.

Is this the way you want to go?

Well, if you’re not eating the right foods CONSISTENTLY, and exercising CONSISTENTLY, then YOU are on the same path as Aracelli.

Here’s the real deal… Read More→

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