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Type 2 Diabetes Is The New American Trend

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We’ve all heard it time and again…The Statistics:

-“Studies have shown that only one-fourth of us get the 30 minutes of exercise each day that the Surgeon General recommends.”

-“Sedentary children are more likely to become sedentary adults and develop Type 2 Diabetes, so it’s important to encourage healthy habits early on.”

-“Childhood obesity is the new trend taking over America’s youth.”

-“America is the ‘fattest’ nation in the world”.

Now, I can go on and on, but it wouldn’t do any good if we don’t actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I’m sending out

Exercising as a family creates unity wwhile decreasing the risk of health problems including Type 2 Diabetes.

Exercising as a family creates unity while decreasing the risk of health problems- including Type 2 Diabetes.

this post as an encouragement to all of you-especially those of you with children-to go out and get active and make America a healthier nation!

“Getting fit and staying active is something families can do together,” says Sharon Bergen, senior vice president of education and training for Knowledge Learning Corporation, the nation’s leading provider of early childhood care and education. “In addition to the many health benefits, it can be great family fun.” Pick an activity the family can do together. Swimming, bicycling and walking are activities nearly everyone can enjoy. If you live in colder climates, in the winter, try ice skating or sledding. These activities will bring youo closer as a family while also encouraging your children to keep active.

Set aside time for physical activity and make it part of your family’s routine. Rediscover walking as transportation. Walk to the grocery store instead of driving. Encourage your child to walk with you whenever possible. Visit the library or recreation center on foot. Plan active vacations and weekend getaways. Instead of sightseeing through the window of your car, plan vacations that get the family moving. Explore a national park’s hiking trails or tour a historic site by bicycle. Use a canoe to find a secluded picnic site. Give gifts that encourage physical activity. Instead of video games or DVDs, how about sports equipment, skateboards or rollerblades? TV, video games and the Internet can be enjoyed in moderation but should be balanced with physical activity. For every hour your child spends in front of a screen, encourage him to spend twice as much time being active. The effort you put into cultivating healthy habits now will pay big dividends later in your child’s life.

I am a parent myself and don’t want my child to ever have to struggle with weight, high cholesterol, insulin shots to control type 2 diabetes, or any other health concerns that can very well be avoided by being healthy early on in life. Now I know all of you love your kids just as much, so I encourage you to start making positive changes today for happy and healthier tomorrow for your family.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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I checked my mothers blood sugar level this morning and it was 101, which was pretty good. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been struggling for a long time to get my mother’s blood sugar levels down to a reasonable level. My mother suffers from type 2 diabetes. Even with medication her blood sugar is almost always over 200 (normal blood sugar levels should be between 80-120).

So to have it this low means my hard work is “finally” paying off. But it hasn’t been an easy task for me.

You see, my mother is stubborn and Read More→

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