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My Trade Secret To Lose Weight Fast

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Here is one of my trade secrets to lose weight fast

For those of you that have been following my diet on, I want you to make notice of a small, but very meaningful piece of data inherent in the foods I eat that is largely responsible for helping me to lose weight fast. In fact, I’m going to make this into a contest. The first person that can give me the correct answer will win a free copy of my bound fitness program along with my exercise companion DVD, fitness calipers, and workout grips.

Here’s what you have to do…

  1. Go to, then
  2. Click on “Members” at the upper right hand side, just above the search box.
  3. Type in “easchamp” in the search box. Click “Search”.
  4. Click on my picture.
  5. Scroll down and find my “Food Diary”.
  6. Click on “Go to easchamp’s diary>”
  7. Become “Sherlock Holmes”

Study my diet. Try and find the one thing that seems to stand out more than others that is responsible for helping me lose fat quickly and easily. AND, allows me to eat so much food on my “anything goes” days. Only study the low-calorie days, not the “anything goes” days. There is where you’ll find your clues.

To lose weight fast, you have to get this

To lose weight fast, you have to get this

Again, the very first answer I receive (answers must be posted here on my blog) will win a free copy of my revolutionary fitness program “The Amazing Fat Burning Formula” plus Exercise Companion DVD, fitness calipers, and workout grips.

Don’t delay, someone is going to win! Let the posts begin.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for my Revolutionary Fitness Event this coming Tuesday, July 7th, at 9:00 PM EST. I’ll be discussing details of my Amazing Fat Burning Formula Program and answering all of your pertinent questions. I call this Fitness Event a “Watershed” event because it will literally be marking a change in the history of how someone goes about getting into shape. This, I dare say, revolutionary new “synergistic” way of eating, exercising, and supplementing, will alter the course in which people choose to get in shape. You will be the first recipients to experience and learn this new way of transforming your body.

Since so many people will be attending, and I only have 200 lines available for the event, enter your first name and email address to be on the Advance Notification List for this event:

Contact Information
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And don’t forget that for those that do sign up AND come to this website and ask me any question that relates to health, workout programs, fitness, or supplements, I’ll give them the entire MP3 recording of the event for free. PLUS, a very special secret surprise gift you’ll REALLY find useful (You really want to get this!). GO NOW to this link and ask me your question:

(make sure to enter your email address when you ask your question so I can check to see if you got on the advance notification list too – I really want to give you this free MP3 recording of the event – I know it will truly help you get fit once and for all)

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I Need Your Help and I’ll Bribe You

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Next Tuesday, July 7th, 2009, I’m hosting a Free Webinar at 9:00 PM EST. I will attempt to answer all of your questions about how to lose weight fast, getting into great shape quickly and easily, as well as details about my program.  I can only have 200 people attend, as that is the maximum number of lines I can support, and I’m not only sending this email to my list of 97,000 subscribers, but also my fitness partners will send their clients as well. I can promise you those 200 slots will go quickly.

So if you’re interested in any of the following:

  1. How to increase your growth hormone levels naturally to grow younger and build more lean muscle and to lose weight fast.
  2. Learn the 1 thing you can do following my “anything goes” day that will virtually guarantee extreme fat loss results and give you an unfair advantage and ability to lose weight fast.
  3. Discover the 1 supplement, little known outside of a special, tight-knit community, that has the power to literally change your genetic code and force your body (in a natural way) to shed body fat, to lose weight fast, and to put on lean muscle like nothing else can.
  4. A revealing new way to weight train that helps you build muscle AND burn fat at the same time — it’s not what you think.
  5. Lots more…

I’m going to be revealing all of the details and secrets on how to achieve your ultimate shape, regardless of your present condition, shape, or age. If this interests you then you should circle July 7th on your calendar at 9:00 PM EST for the “tell-all-secrets” seminar that will rock your world.

I also need your help, and will handsomely reward you for it. First, I want to give you a free MP3 recording of this event after it’s over. I promise you’ll want to have it as the cutting edge information I’ll reveal will come hard, fast, and heavy. With the MP3 recording of the event in hand, you’ll be able to stop, rewind, and listen again (and again, if you want) to the subtle details that will MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE to your final results. You’ve heard it said before that the genius is in the details. If you don’t get some of these subtle tips and tricks down correctly, you might not get the same results. I highly recommend you get this MP3.

All I ask you to do is 2 things. If you do I’ll send you the MP3 after the call is over.

  1. GO RIGHT NOW to this link and ask me a question. Nothing complicated, just anything that is fitness or  health or supplements oriented. Make sure to also include your email address as well
  2. Sign up for the advance notification list below. I really don’t want you to miss out and you will if you are not on this list. The lines will be full and you will be shut out if you don’t do this. (Make sure it is the same email address as above as I’ll be checking for both submissions for the FREE MP3 recording giveaway).

Here is the sign up link to receive advanced notification:

Contact Information
First Name *
Email *

Take Charge!

Fitness King

P.S. Remember, for the free MP3 recording of the event, make sure you go to this webpage now and simply as me a question I’ll answer at the event:

Also, get on the advance notification list as well to get the free MP3 recording of the event. Enter your first name and email address above and click SUBMIT.

P.P.S. If you do both of the above I have a secret free giveaway you’ll be receiving too.

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The key is to identify and avoid your personal triggers. Here are seven that may surprise you:


In a recent Yale University study, insulin levels skyrocketed in hungry
individuals exposed to the sight, smell and even the mere mention of
charcoal-broiled steaks. Participants’ bodies started converting glucose to fat even before they had taken their first bite.

To lose weight fast, don't get a whiff of these burgers...

To lose weight fast, don't get a whiff of these burgers...

I personally believe if they had enhanced the study they would have found that participants that were not so hungry would not have had the same response. How do you reduce hunger? The answer leads to the next trigger:


Low-fiber diets typically provide a lot of fat and calories but few nutrients.
Such diets also lack bulk, which means you need to eat more to feel full.

High-fiber foods are filling, nutritionally dense and relatively low in fat and
refined sugar. High-fiber foods also help stabilize blood glucose and insulin levels.

To lose weight fast eat hearty salads

To lose weight fast eat hearty salads

Make sure to take in at least 25 grams of fiber in your daily diet. Good sources include vegetables, legumes, fruit, and hearty salads like kale and collards.


When you limit calories for an extended time, your body starts to pilfer protein from lean body tissue, destroying the muscle mass necessary to burn fat and calories. You also begin to manufacture an overabundance of “lipoprotein lipase”, an enzyme that stores fat in your cells.

To lose weight fast you can't keep your calories too low for too long

To lose weight fast you can't keep your calories too low for too long

You may drop pounds on an extremely low calorie diet. But once you resume eating normally, your body will convert what it now perceives as excess calories into fat.

Don’t eat less than 1,000 calories per day. And make sure your total calories are divided into many small meals throughout the day.

FINALLY, Read More→

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