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By now I think everyone in the world has heard of Susan Boyle.

If not, then just Google her, or better yet, go to YouTube and listen to her debut song to the world. That song was spectacular, and moving, Susan Boyle’s First Song. The one that got her into the final’s of Britain’s Got Talent made me cringe. Here is a link to that song: Susan Boyle’s Semi-Final Song. Listen to them both, the difference is like night and day. The first one brings me to tears every time. The second… well, you make the call.

Frankly, I was underwhelmed. Susan Boyle said she felt “unbelievable” and “what pressure?” when asked how she felt and if the pressure was getting to her. I think she was lying.

Her opening notes, which should have been held steady as a rock, warbled like an amateur under pressure. Then, Susan hit several notes just after that were sung distinctly sharp (not on key), and grated on your ear. Frankly, I was disappointed in her performance. Still sporting a powerful voice, the parts belted out sounded fine, if not great.

Overall, however, Susan Boyle’s performance was nowhere near the same level as the first one. It should not have taken her to the finals.

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