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So I was shocked the other day when I woke up in the morning and felt a strange sensation.

I looked down… and my legs were shorter. Then I tried to get up and walk but immediately fell down. What the hey?

Try as I might, all I could do was crawl. So I shimmied over to the bathroom mirror but couldn’t stand.  Luckily there was a chair so I gingerly grabbed the legs and pulled myself up. Then I crawled on top of the chair and stood up while holding myself up against the wall. What I saw in the mirror shocked me! Read More→

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EVENT: Interview with Dr. Marco Fabriga on Fat Loss
DATE & TIME: Tuesday, December 16th at 9:00pm Eastern
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

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Successful Ustream Debut!

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Thanks to all those that came out for my Ustream debut!

I hope I was able to pass on some information that was useful to you.

For a semi-replay of the event (I forgot to hit the record button until halfway in) please go to:

Here’s another link I said I would provide. This is my EXACT diet I used to transform by body. I entered info into this diary religiously from Oct 17th, when I started, to Nov 25th (when I left for my multi-week trip).

I talked about Krill Oil (NKO brand). Said it was better than regular fish oil (it is). It’s all over the internet, search and ye shall find. Use Google’s FROOGLE… it will find the cheapest seller of it.

For those that attended let me know what you thought… what can be improved… more questions please.

THIS MONDAY (Dec 14) IS THE SCHEDULED DATE FOR MY NEXT USTREAM EVENT. I’m planning on having it again at 8:45 pm EST UNLESS you convince me this time is not good.

See you then!

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