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I Got Slammed in the Gut!

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So I got slammed straight in the gut the other night.

In case you didn’t know, I started martial arts training again after about a 25 year absence. Guess what I found out? I’m still pretty doggone good at it. I always knew this as I seem to have a natural-born ability to fight well. So the other night we’re sparring. My instructor told us, “we’re just going to spar but with no contact”. Normally, whenever I spar anyone in the class, I really take it easy, otherwise I would literally wipe them out, no lie. Tonight we were rotating around with different students (normally we are matched up with similarly skilled or sized students). Also, the instructor (head sensei) was sparring with me only, on rotation.

Let me back up a bit because something else happened a couple of weeks ago that might have influenced what my sensei did to me a couple of nights ago. It was a couple of weeks ago and my sensei and I were sparring. It happened to be in front of a lot of his students. Well, Read More→

Comments (4)

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