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Step It Up A Notch To Lose More Weight

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So you’ve lost 20 pounds and you look great. You are getting tons of compliments from friends, family, and co-workers alike. Everyone looks at you like you are crazy when you tell them you are trying to lose more weight. You should be thrilled, right? Well, the reality of the matter is that for many people, after losing the bulk of the weight they had planned, they reach a level where they feel “stuck”.

It’s a weird feeling because you feel good for what you have accomplished, but you can’t really bask in the glory or enjoy your moment

Hitting a plateau is frustrating, but don't throw in the towel just yet. Challenge yourself to lose more weight.

Hitting a plateau is frustrating, but don't throw in the towel just yet. Challenge yourself to lose more weight.

because you just can’t seem to lose more weight or to continue your progress for some reason. This ambivalent feeling of not knowing in which direction to turn is known as the dreaded “plateau effect”.  Now what many people don’t realize is that this “plateau” is actually a good thing. Now before you call me crazy, first you need to understand why this plateau effect happens in the first place, and maybe you will agree.

When you start a new exercise or fitness regimen, you are taking your body (and mind for that matter) out of it’s “comfort zone”. The new exercises are challenging and force you to move in new ways and push yourself physically to new limits. Your body needs to put in a constant effort to complete the task at hand. Your heart pumps faster, your lungs go into overdrive looking for sufficient oxygen, and your muscles are working more than they are accustomed to, causing them to release lactic acid for that wonderful “so sore I can hardly sit” feeling the next day. All these things require a greater amount of energy, which comes from calories. So, what’s the point? Well, simply put, new exercises tend to make you work harder and in turn, burn more calories.

Now over time, your heart and muscles become accustomed to a particular exercise, intensity level, and routine. If you’ve been jogging two miles everyday for the past year, for example, and you never increase your intensity or distance, you are probably quite used to the routine and no longer feel sore after your run. It has become second nature-routine. When this happens, our bodies do not need to work as hard as before and therefore do not burn as many calories. And this is where the “plateau” happens.

So now that you understand how it works, you continue to wonder why it is a good thing. Well, for one, it is a measure of success. It shows that you have become stronger than you were before and can now easily complete an exercise that you once struggled with. Secondly, it will hopefully make you crave a bigger challenge. It’s just like being in kindergarten-you learn your shapes and colors and ABC’s; the cookies and milk and nap time are comforting, but kids need to be challenged to reach their full potential. So, they move on to a higher grade level with new challenges.

The same goes for an athlete. That 2-mile jog may be a comforting routine after a hard day at the office, and it may be great to know you

If you are breezing through your workout and can't seem to lose more weight, then it's time to step it up!

If you are breezing through your workout and can't seem to lose more weight, then it's time to step it up!

lost those 20 pounds- but you and I both know you are more capable of bigger and better things. To reach your full fitness potential, you need to graduate to the next level. And there are several ways you can do this.

An easy way to challenge yourself is by increasing your intensity level or the amount of time you spend doing a certain activity. You can also change up your workout program and try new sports and activities. If you are a soccer player for example, you can continue playing soccer but mix in a few days where you maybe swim or do interval training on a track. If you are a bodybuilder or do strength training (which every one should do to some extent), increase your load or number of reps. Challenge your body-push yourself to the next level.

As a result of these changes, your body will have to work harder to adjust to new environments and situations, and in turn, burn more calories in the process. You will also most definitely increase your lean muscle mass which in turn burns fat and increases your resting metabolic rate allowing you to burn more calories even in your sleep! Now remember, in your quest to “lose more weight”, remember that weight alone won’t give you the whole picture. What you should aim for is fat loss. You may not see that scale budge after all that hard work, but I can assure you you will see positive and drastic changes in overall strength, endurance, muscle tone and definition.

So, don’t get discouraged if you hit that plateau. Instead, use it as a stepping stone to the next level on your fitness journey.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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Want To Lose More Weight?

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Shoot! It’s already halfway through the year. Do you remember this past holiday, when you said that this year was going to be your year and you were finally going to lose more weight and get into your best shape?

So are you in shape? Did you accomplish any/all of your goals? Did you lose more weight? If you did I’d love to hear from you.

Have you kept your New Year's resolutions to lose more weight this year?

Have you kept your New Year's resolutions to lose more weight this year?

Most use the ending of an old, and beginning of a new year to reflect on what they’ve done, and what they still want to do in this world. New Year’s resolutions are a fertile time.

Topping most people’s resolutions are changing how their bodies look or simply to lose more weight. They want to get in shape and promise themselves they will do it this year. Yet the vast majority of people that start a new diet and exercise program fail.

If this has happened to you in the past here’s a sobering thought. Most people don’t understand that their outside reflection almost precisely mirrors their inner condition too.

Why is this sobering? Read More→

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Slathering on your sunblock may be making you sick, unhealthy, and fat… how?

Get more sun, lose more weight

Get more sun, lose more weight

First, take a gander at the label of any sunblock lotion. Most of those chemicals are almost unpronounceable, much less readable. Think they just might, maybe, be absorbing into your skin? You betcha they are. What do you think toxic chemicals floating around in your body might do to you? Your guess is as good as mine… but none of them are any good. Check out this article for more info:

But this is not exactly what this post is about (although reducing chemical ingestion is certainly an important topic).

This post is about how sunblocks are making you sick because they block almost all of the beneficial effects of the sun’s rays.

Sunblocks, and most car, office, and house windows, block almost all of the suns UVB rays.

“So what!”, you say. Here’s what…

There are literally thousands of bodily processes that are turned on and activated by vitamin D3. In fact, vitamin D3 is not really a vitamin, it is a steroid hormone precursor that your body needs to perform optimally.

Guess where we are supposed to get most of that vitamin D3 from?

Read More→

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