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Help Me Help Kids – Lose Weight Quick

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One of the things I’m passionate about is helping kids in need. Kids sometimes find themselves in situations that, through no fault of their own, are needlessly suffering. As wealthy and affluent as our country is, I still cannot fathom how it is that we still have kids that go hungry, I’m talking starving, every single day in this country (not to mention the world).

My Advance Donation to Feed The Children - Will You Help?

My Advance Donation to Feed The Children - Will You Help?

So one of my life’s goals is to help eradicate hunger for kids in this country. Fortunately, there already is a foundation whose sole aim is to do just that. They’re called the Feed The Children Foundation.

This will be a quick blog post, and a simple request. Pictured here is my check for $200 to the Feed The Children Foundation. I am getting ready to launch my coaching service and was going to wait until I did so to announce that everyone that decides to join, I’ll donate their first months membership to the Feed The Children Foundation. I decided I just couldn’t wait any longer and would just “give”. Hence the reason for my check.

I’m asking that you help me too while you also help yourself. The coaching club I’ve launched is only $4.95 per month. This is not a typo. It is this low because I did not want anyone to give any excuses any more about not being able to afford my help, and support into finally getting into shape. Now there is no excuse as everyone can afford $4.95. Not only that, but you will also be helping hungry kids have a much-needed meal. Will you help me and them?

CLICK ON THIS LINK to go to my coaching page, it’s only $4.95 and I’ll also throw in a copy of my Amazing Fat Burning Formula as well as weekly coaching calls where you can ask me any question you like.

Please understand this, Personal Coaching is the one thing that most people miss when they want to get great at something. Do you want to get great a losing fat? Then now is the chance and Now is the time. At $4.95 there will be no better time than now.

There will be a limit to the number of people I can take on for several reasons. One, the technology I’m using can only handle so many clients (I currently have a 200 client limit). The other limit will be the personalized help I can reasonably expect to give. Once that limit is filled I’ll close the doors until that time that my current crop of students are ready to spread their wings and fly on their own.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to be personally coached by me and to help hungry children in the US.

Thank you.


P.S. Did you realize that your $4.95 will allow 35 pounds of food to go to hungry children? This is a heckuva lot of food for the money. Can you in all consciousness afford NOT to donate this $4.95 to the children AND yourself? CLICK ON THIS LINK NOW to get into my coaching program and I’ll donate your first months membership to the Feed The Children Foundation. It’s a great way to start the year by giving.

P.P.S. The Feed The Children Foundation is a very efficient organization. Last year 91% of all the donations that came in went to program services (childcare, food, medical, disaster relief, and community development).

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Back Online

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So, if you happened to notice, my blog has had some issues lately. This is my first post after getting it back online.

Seems when I went to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, some of my plugins didn’t communicate too well with this new version and my site went kaplooey! I didn’t have a lot of time to tinker with it and figure out what was happening, so it took over a week to get it back up.

Thanks to my good friend, Nicholas King, who finally helped me get it going again.

So thanks for your patience, and check out my next post where I’ll put up some of my 50th birthday “horseback” riding adventure photos thanks to a beautiful person, Katya.


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No we’ve all been told time and again that through routine exercise, your body gradually builds strength and endurance.  However, I’m telling you that if you keep your workouts TOO routine, those benefits begin to stagnate.  That’s why it is essential-and inspirational-to change up your workouts every now and then so that your body will continue to reap the most benefits from your efforts. Now why, you ask? Don’t “they” say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, maybe your routine in “broke” and you just don’t know it!

Why is change crucial? Well, if you follow the same exact exercise routine day in and day out, your body becomes

Don't become a couch potato because your bored of the same old routine! Change cn be inspirational in your fitness routine and will help you see results faster!

Don't become a couch potato because your bored of the same old routine! Change cn be inspirational in your fitness routine and will help you see results faster!

accustomed to this routine.  As the body adjusts to the same workout everyday, it is normal for the body to adapt on a cardiovascular, respiratory, and cellular level.  Over a period of time, following this same old routine causes the rest of the body to adapt, as well.  As a result, any further physical improvements become limited, and your training becomes less efficient and worse of all, downright boring.

But, wait!  There’s still hope!  By incorporating even slight changes into your exercise regimen, you are able to kick-start the body once again to move towards those gains you’ve been striving for. What kind of changes you ask? Even the smallest change in your routine can make a difference and be inspirational enough to keep you going.  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Change the time of day at which you exercise.

2. If you prefer one type of exercise, such as running, change the exercise, itself, in some way.  For instance, increase the intensity level or the length of the workout.

3. Try a new type of exercise.  Introducing a new exercise into your training will ultimately work the body in a new way.  Different muscle groups may be called upon to perform, thus, challenging your body to some degree.

4. Alternate among a variety of exercise routines.  You may mix up your routine each day, or you may alternate between one routine one day and another routine the next day.  This keeps your body on its toes, so to speak. And, it helps prevent exercise boredom.

5. Periodically change the location of your workouts.  Even a simple change of scenery can keep exercise more        exciting.  Such a change also has the potential to boost your energy level and improve your training.

Life can be tedious.  We often find ourselves in a rut, doing the same things day after day after day.  For a more exciting life and better fitness, change your workout routines from time-to-time.  Your body and mind will thank you.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

P.S. Want to: Learn the “Easy” way to get and stay in shape? Discover the secret to quick fat loss? How to exercise less and get better results? Discover the secret to ripped abs without doing endless crunches? Then be sure to get my “Amazing Fat Burning Formula” HERE.

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