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With the busy lifestyles most of us lead today, few with families can afford to take the time necessary to go the gym on a regular basis.

Some basic, inexpensive home fitness equipment can help you get in shape.

Some basic, inexpensive home fitness equipment can help you get in shape.

Heck, even if it’s within a short distance, we’re talking about several hours a week of commitment.  Unfortunately not all of us can fit the gym into our schedules. BUT, this doesn’t give us good reason to not exercise. So what is the solution? Well, “where there’s a will there’s a way”, right? Find a way to make it work. For many this means getting some home fitness equipment. With a few basic items you can set up a little makeshift home gym where you can get a pretty good workout in.

So, where do you start? What should you buy? Home gyms can be very expensive. And I’m like anybody else-I don’t want to have to spend a penny more than I need to on home fitness equipment but I still want to get a good workout in. So what should you do? Go back to the basics. That’s right, push-up, pull-up, sit-ups, lunges, and some simple cardio is a good way to start. To do these things you need minimal equipment. If you want to keep things basic you will need a good pair of running shoes, a chin-up bar, and some free weights or resistance bands. Perhaps you can even throw in a stability or yoga ball which are great for abdominal exercises.

You really don’t need to spend much money to be active. And it doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or home business entrepeneur. The important thing is to find a way to make it work. And at the end of the day whether you are doing pull-ups at home on a bar or at the latest high end gym to that came into town, you are still doing pull-ups…You are putting the effort in to make yourself better than you were yesterday. More active, fitter, healthier, more energetic, stronger, leaner–and the list goes on.

So stop making excuses. Exercise is the foundation (along with a good diet) of any weight loss, strength training, or bodybuilding program. We need to exercise to live…to live well. Whether you can or can’t make it to the gym shouldn’t determine whether or not you are healthy. Make it happen. Do it for your family, your kids, but most of all, for yourself.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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