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Want To Lose Fat? Here’s What To Do

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Want To Lose Fat? Here’s What To Do

lose fat by doing this

To lose fat eat more food… that’s what…

but, but….

No ifs, ands, or buts about it…

Because you MUST eat more on occasion in order to lose fat effectively.

Consequently, sticking to the same low-calorie diet (below maintenance) is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Don’t trust me on this? I don’t care…

Because you can do the same doggone thing you’ve been doing with mediocre results, and you’ll never achieve the shape you’ve always wanted.


You can simply trust…

Because here’s the prescription if you do (trust that is…):

1. Eat ONLY unprocessed foods (the only thing you can eat from a can or box is raw oatmeal and canned tuna or sardines (Wild Planet brand is the best) or wild salmon)
2. Add healthy fats to almost all your meals. i.e., olive oil, flax oil, UDO’s choice blended oil
3. Eat large amounts of vegetables of the following: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, onions, celery, green beans, cabbage, sauerkraut,
4. Eat small amounts of fruit such as apples, pineapple, pears, cherries, strawberries
5. Spices: turmeric, black pepper, Aztec or Himalayan salt

Here’s one of my go-to meals:

1. Heat skillet on high temp
2. Add 3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Turmeric
4. Add a couple of shakes of black pepper (the black pepper helps your body absorb the beneficial effects of Turmeric by over 100%).
5. Add vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) to the heated oil. CAUTION: DO NOT LET THE OLIVE OIL GET TOO HOT AS THE BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES GET REMOVED WITH HIGH HEAT.
6. Cover and stir occasionally.
7. Transfer all to a bowl including remaining olive oil in the pan.
8. Open up either a can of Wild Planet tuna or sardines and add it to the bowl of vegetables (don’t throw away the liquid with these as they are full of Omega 3’s).


You can even eat this meal for breakfast. Trust me, it beats the carb-laden breakfast you’ve likely been eating and wondering why you haven’t been making any progress.

This could be a meal you have several times per day with no problem. Substitute the tuna or sardines for bison, or grass-fed beef, or salmon.


After a hard workout you should consume a much higher carbohydrate meal with starchier carbs such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes within an hour of that hard workout. Have two meals like this before you go to bed (if you work out in the afternoon or early evening).

Once every 7 – 10 days have an entire day where you eat a lot of carbohydrates (and small amounts of protein and fat). Swap this day the next time with a day where you eat a lot of protein and fat (and little to no carbohydrates). The protein and fat should come from (ideally) grass-fed beef, Irish butter (Kerry Gold Brand) and olive oil.

That’s the prescription.

In order to have a life, time the high carbohydrate or fat day on a day when you’re going out with friends or your significant other.

Say goodbye to your fat…

You’re welcome


Your Fast Weight Loss Tips to Success

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Ok, so for those of you that have been following along, so far, I have given you 4 of the 20 lessons on how to make it easier to get and stay in shape. Now brace yourselves, because Lesson 5 is not only one of the most important fast weight loss tips for any one trying to attain fitness excellence, but for many, it is also one of the hardest steps to follow through on.


Lesson #1: You Must Have a Powerful and Meaningful Reason To Want To Change
Lesson #2: You Need to Make a Decision to Change
Lesson #3: Create a Sense of Urgency
Lesson #4: Write down your goals, draft a contract with yourself, then sign and date it

Remember, the greatest effect from these lessons will be their combined synergy….


Don’t know how to construct your diet to help you lose fat? Click on this link to learn how:

Amazing Fat Burning Formula



Fast Weight Loss Tips 1: Take your photo prior to starting your program.

Fast Weight Loss Tips: A photo of your current self may be just the thing you need to jump-start your fitness plan!


It is human nature in some people to accept their less than optimal condition(s) rather than attempt to improve and better themselves. It is a psychological mystery that has yet to be answered with authority.  I believe, however, one of the answers to this mystery is awareness of one’s present condition. To be cognizant of what you are doing, who you really are and what you truly look like will cause you to realize that you need to improve in certain areas of your life.

Most people have in their minds-eye a view of themselves and their bodies that is totally and completely different from reality. I don’t care what the mirror reflects back to you right now, you WILL see yourself in a different light once you take and look at a photograph of yourself.

Of all the Blueprints you will read about today, taking a photograph of yourself in an enlightening pose is probably one of the most powerful factors in causing you to make that decision to change. Don’t take this advice lightly as the subtle act of taking your photo and looking at it on a regular basis will convince yourself that you do not want to look this way any longer and will cause you to eventually do something about it.

Now some of you are probably thinking to yourself,” I don’t want to take a photo of myself, I look horrible!” I completely understand your point of view. But it is vitally important that you do this. If you fail to, I believe it will be one of the biggest obstacles you will put in your path to achieving physical excellence.


The ‘Amazing Fat-Burning Formula is specifically designed to help you lose fat quickly and easily.

If you’re in bad shape, or feel that you have terrible genetics, and no matter what you’ve done in the past to get in shape but never could, then this is Your answer…

‘Providing effective fat-loss solutions since 1998’


You don’t have to show this photo to anyone but yourself. Don’t even show it to your husband or wife if you don’t want to. If you’re embarrassed about it, just keep it to yourself. But don’t just take it and then hide it. I will show you how to use your photo as inspiration in attaining your weight loss goals in Lesson #7.

I am emphasizing the importance of taking a photo of yourself because I have seen, and of course have felt myself, the power of seeing oneself as we truly are. For most people it provides a wake-up call that never would have come had they not taken, or seen, that fateful photo.

Take that photo and begin the transformation!

Take Charge!
Fitness King

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4 Eye-Popping, Fast Weight Loss Tips

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These 4 unique and highly effective fast weight loss tips make it easier to lose weight or maintain the weight you’ve lost.


As early as age 35 our metabolism naturally slows down.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 1 - Keep your metabolism revving with weight training exercise

Fast Weight Loss Tips 1 - To help you lose fat, keep your metabolism revving with weight training exercise

Result 1: A harder time losing fat than when you were younger.

Result 2: Weight gain simply from continuing to eat as you did when you were younger

Self Defense 1: Weight training and regular aerobic exercise to increase muscle mass (which boosts metabolism).

Self Defense 2: Eat food that are full of nutrients and fiber but low in calories. For example: Drink vegetable juice instead of soda. Eat fruit and vegetables instead of bread, rice, or pasta.

Self Defense 3: Read More→

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