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(Fictional) mother decided, after “really” looking at her body in the mirror and suddenly “waking up” to the reality of her 40″ waist, her weight in excess of 150 lbs, and the jowls starting to form on her face, that she had had enough. “I’m tired of being tired!“, she yelled to no one in particular… Nobody was home to hear this scream of disgust, yet all over Mary’s face it read… FED UP!

Lose Fast Weight? Lose Fat, not your wallet size

Lose Fast Weight? Lose Fat, not your wallet size

“Why can’t I keep the weight off?”, she cried…, “why do all these programs promise me a new body, yet after trying them I’m worse off than ever?!?”

But Mary was determined to find the answer. First thing she did was go to the bookstore. Faced with an endless number of books to choose from, she just closed her eyes, clicked her heels, and chanted, 

“There’s no Place Like Home… there’s no place like home…”

Mary is a fictional character I made up. In fact, however, Mary is a very real, and very frustrated woman that is crying out for help from someone, anyone, that can help her lose the fat she’s accumulated on her body over the years. There are millions of “Mary’s (and John’s too) ” out there, searching, looking for answers, clues, anything that can get them on the path to a new body. And the choices we all have nowadays are not making it any easier, believe it or not. These choices are only muddying up the waters, making it harder and more confusing than ever to decide on what to eat, how to eat, how to exercise, what supplements to take…


I want you to take yourself out of your body right now… that’s right… imagine floating high above your current self, higher and higher, up into the clouds… higher even still. Now look down at the earth below.

Here’s what I want you to concentrate on.

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Fast Weight Lose?

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Don’t you mean fast weight loss? No, fast weight lose is exactly what I mean. I know… bad grammar. Why did I say it then? To alert you of a potential rip-off.

“What do you mean?”, you ask puzzled.

Take a look around the Internet. There are weight loss offers being promoted everywhere. How can you tell a good program, from a not-so-good one?

Here’s some things to look for:

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