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Want To Lose Fat? Here’s What To Do

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Want To Lose Fat? Here’s What To Do

lose fat by doing this

To lose fat eat more food… that’s what…

but, but….

No ifs, ands, or buts about it…

Because you MUST eat more on occasion in order to lose fat effectively.

Consequently, sticking to the same low-calorie diet (below maintenance) is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Don’t trust me on this? I don’t care…

Because you can do the same doggone thing you’ve been doing with mediocre results, and you’ll never achieve the shape you’ve always wanted.


You can simply trust…

Because here’s the prescription if you do (trust that is…):

1. Eat ONLY unprocessed foods (the only thing you can eat from a can or box is raw oatmeal and canned tuna or sardines (Wild Planet brand is the best) or wild salmon)
2. Add healthy fats to almost all your meals. i.e., olive oil, flax oil, UDO’s choice blended oil
3. Eat large amounts of vegetables of the following: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, onions, celery, green beans, cabbage, sauerkraut,
4. Eat small amounts of fruit such as apples, pineapple, pears, cherries, strawberries
5. Spices: turmeric, black pepper, Aztec or Himalayan salt

Here’s one of my go-to meals:

1. Heat skillet on high temp
2. Add 3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Turmeric
4. Add a couple of shakes of black pepper (the black pepper helps your body absorb the beneficial effects of Turmeric by over 100%).
5. Add vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) to the heated oil. CAUTION: DO NOT LET THE OLIVE OIL GET TOO HOT AS THE BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES GET REMOVED WITH HIGH HEAT.
6. Cover and stir occasionally.
7. Transfer all to a bowl including remaining olive oil in the pan.
8. Open up either a can of Wild Planet tuna or sardines and add it to the bowl of vegetables (don’t throw away the liquid with these as they are full of Omega 3’s).


You can even eat this meal for breakfast. Trust me, it beats the carb-laden breakfast you’ve likely been eating and wondering why you haven’t been making any progress.

This could be a meal you have several times per day with no problem. Substitute the tuna or sardines for bison, or grass-fed beef, or salmon.


After a hard workout you should consume a much higher carbohydrate meal with starchier carbs such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes within an hour of that hard workout. Have two meals like this before you go to bed (if you work out in the afternoon or early evening).

Once every 7 – 10 days have an entire day where you eat a lot of carbohydrates (and small amounts of protein and fat). Swap this day the next time with a day where you eat a lot of protein and fat (and little to no carbohydrates). The protein and fat should come from (ideally) grass-fed beef, Irish butter (Kerry Gold Brand) and olive oil.

That’s the prescription.

In order to have a life, time the high carbohydrate or fat day on a day when you’re going out with friends or your significant other.

Say goodbye to your fat…

You’re welcome

Here’s an email I got the other day that I thought instructive for everyone…

“Hey Harry,
Do you know were I could find more recipes that fit your diet?”

Here was my answer….

Here’s the problem with “recipes”, and I’ll be super honest here… most of them are not good. What I mean is this, if you want the real deal information about really getting in shape, you have to eat what the body requires for it do to so. If you start getting too creative with recipes it’s almost a sure-fire recipe (pun intended) for disaster.

Recipes tend to make food taste “too” good, and if something tastes too good, you’ll tend to overeat it. It’s the human condition. WE JUST CANNOT HELP THIS. Example: you portion out your food created with this great-tasting recipe, and after you eat it you think, “man, that was really, really tasty! I want more!” So, ‘just this time’ you eat more (than you should have). See the problem here?

In order to lose fat for good, save the “tasty” food for the days I recommend you eat almost anything you want. You’ll get plenty of those days too, once every 4 days to start, and then as you get fitter once every 3, or even 2 days once your bodyfat gets much lower.

Don’t worry so much about getting fancy on the days where you are eating the healthy food… just eat the healthy food. This means meat, and vegetables. I eat the veggies almost raw, by buying frozen vegetables, then when ready to eat them I place them under hot running water and “heat” them that way. For the salads, I prepare them exactly as I talk about in the manual you have.

You can get as fancy as you want on the condiments, even going a little higher fat on some of them for your veggies or salads.

For example, for my salad, I’ll mix up a tablespoon of either olive oil (but usually a tablespoon of Udo’s Choice blended oil) along with salt, pepper, red pepper, cumin, curry powder, a couple of tablespoons of Greek Yogurt (the high fat kind – don’t be afraid here please – it’s not fat you have to worry about on the days your carbs are supposed to be low, it’s the carbs), then mix it all up and toss the salad with this dressing (I even use this dressing on the veggies sometimes).

I personally like a little kick with my dressing and this provides it. But you can get creative yourself and design one that suits you. Let me know if you do as I’d like to share it with others (that goes with anyone reading this too – please chime in with your recipes and I’ll give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down, in my opinion).

Remember, just keep the carbs low and you should be fine.

…till next time…


P.S. Wanna get in shape? Want me to personally help you?  Get My Program (along with my coaching)… simple as that!

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Most people can do difficult things for at least a short time before the pain of continuing becomes too much and they have to stop. The same principle applies to the goal of transforming your body and dieting. Many undergo drastic measures in their efforts to lose fat and get in shape. They want immediate results, and are willing to do anything in order to get them. Unfortunately, this approach is a sure-fire way to guarantee failure. You can endure the effects of drastic lifestyle changes and dieting for only so long before having to finally give up.

After having read to this point, you can appreciate the fact that there is no shortcut to a successful body

Drastic dieting is a sure fire way to set yourself up for failure. Fitness is based on a healthy lifestyle, not "yo-yo" dieting.

Drastic dieting is a sure fire way to set yourself up for failure. Fitness is achieved through an overall healthy lifestyle, not by extreme dieting.

transformation. At the same time, there is no need to deprive or torture yourself in order to achieve the kind of fit body you’ve always wanted. The feeling you should always have is one of looking forward to going to the gym, and of feeling revitalized by eating your prescribed healthy, nutritious, and life-building foods.

Because you are doing all the right things for your body your attitude and energy levels should be sky high. At no time should you feel like you are torturing or depriving yourself. If you have to resort to these kinds of tactics because you think it is the only way to force your body to give you results, then your efforts at transforming your body will surely end in failure.

Drastic measures will never allow you to permanently change your body to where you want it to be. It’s impossible to do, so don’t even attempt it. This is truly about creating a lifestyle change that you can live with easily and effectively for the rest of your life.

Take Charge!

Fitness King

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