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More Winners!

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As a special, unannounced  bonus, I randomly chose 12 people who ordered something from me on my (FREE) BODY MAPS TO FITNESS SUCCESS Launch a couple of days ago, to receive personal coaching help from me. This is a $997 value.

You have already been sent an email detailing how I”m going to personally help coach you to a massive body transformation success.

Here are the additional winners:

1. Lusy Sprott
2. Paul Breitkreuz
3. Jody Fluhr
4. Catherine Conway
5. Mike Patten
6. Larry Parker
7. John Rossi
8. Bob Hahn
9. Corey Storbinsky
10. Victor Mitchell
11. Joan Bowers
12. Lesley Warren

Congratulations Again to all!

EVENT: Interview with Dr. Marco Fabriga on Fat Loss
DATE & TIME: Tuesday, December 16th at 9:00pm Eastern
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

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Video Stream Events are ON!

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Ok, you’ve voiced your opinion. And I heard a resounding “YES”. đŸ™‚

I was actually hoping for a positive result from you. Ever since I started telling family and friends about this new way of eating, most of them have started on a plan of their own. My cousin-in-law (whom we just visited in upstate NY and Vermont) just called me today. He started his plan last Wednesday and called me this afternoon to tell me that he’s lost 3.5 lbs in 7 days. He told me today was his second “high-calorie” day and had eaten 2 slices of pizza, chocolate, cake, cookies, a whole lot more (he kept rambling on about all the food he had been eating – was getting a huge kick out of the fact he lost weight and still was able to eat his favorite junk foods). But he had questions about a lot of things I answered for him. He might have floundered… maybe even failed eventually, if I didn’t set him on the correct path. No fault of his, he just hadn’t spent any time studying how the body works most effectively to lose fat and what types of foods will trigger the quickest fat loss.

So, by you saying yes to my video streams (please watch for an email notification – I have to get it set up – anyone know anything about Ustream?) I can now help to answer some of the questions you’re bound to have about a lot of things. Things I haven’t even considered — but most likely have the answer to (if I don’t I’ll tell you and get you an answer if I can).

So, please look for an email notification today (12/10/08) about when I’m putting this on. My plan is to have one on Thursday, then another one next Monday. Then, I’ll put on a couple of teleseminars next week where I’ll put on a couple of the people I’ll be starting to personally help starting tomorrow (those of you that have an entry please be checking your email – I need to get in touch with you after I choose so we can hit the ground running right away). They’ll be sharing with  you their success after 1 week.

So please start putting together the questions you want answered and I’ll do my best to get to most of them. Please start by posting your questions here. Once the Ustream Live streaming starts you’ll be able to ask me live questions, but they’ll typically zip by too quickly for me to capture them. So I’ll typically be answering all of the questions from the ones I get here on my blog.

Thanks all!

My Interview with Bill Phillips after Winning the Body For Life Contest