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Birthday/Anniversary Giveaway: Body Maps to Extreme Fitness


It’s my birthday (I just turned 49), AND, my 10-year anniversary of winning the 1998 Body For Life contest.

To celebrate my birthday and commemorate my winning the Body For Life Contest, I’m going to put it all on the line for you. I am going to attempt to recreate the condition I achieved 10 years ago when I won. And, show everyone that anybody can get into great shape regardless of your age!

My goal is to recreate my 16-week body transformation experience in less than half the time… Starting Oct 17, I will attempt to go from my current bodyfat level of 17%, to my Body For Life contest-winning shape at 5.5%… but in only 49 days.

Can I change my body that quickly in only 49 days? I don’t know, I might not make it. So…

I need your help…

Please give me your positive encouragement and support AND your biggest challenges to getting in shape. I’ll try and answer everyone’s questions here for all to learn from. Tap into the experience and knowledge I used to win the Body For life contest, as well as the knowledge my fitness professional friends from around the globe will be providing you with their posts here, to help you get into your best shape, regardless of your current condition, age, sex, or reason you currently have for not getting in shape.

As you watch my body transform during the next 49 days I’ll be providing you the tips and techniques I use so you can get into great shape too.

When I finish on Dec 5th, I will give you my BODY MAPS TO FITNESS SUCCESS: HOW TO GET INTO THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE… FREE…just for coming here.

And I have a special surprise offer as well that I can only give to the first few hundred people. Trust me… you’ll really want this if your goal is to finally get into the best shape of your life. So stay tuned, and be quick to sign up on Dec. 5th. I’ll be making periodic announcements so you won’t forget.

The BODY MAPS I’ll be giving away helped me win the Body For Life contest in 1998. There is no way I would have won without them… they are that powerful. You’re going to want to get your hands on them, trust me.

So keep coming back for regular updates. Even better…

Go to and “follow me” there. Make sure to check the option to receive Mobile text messages so when I make a new post, you’ll get a quick “tweet” from me to come here. Also, sign up for my RSS feed too.

I’m also putting together a documentary-style video of my 49-day transformation as well. I’ll give that video to those that come on Dec 5th (the last day of my transformation) and sign up to receive my Body Maps. By “looking over my shoulder” you’ll see exactly what you need to do, in a step-by-step fashion, to get into the best shape of “your” life. It’s like looking over the shoulder of a mentor as he does the things YOU should be doing doing to get into great shape. I promise a lot of “aha” moments…

Thanks for coming!

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