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My Fitness Plan – Free Coaching

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Scott Engel (48 years young) was one of my coaching students. Earlier this year I sent him a questionnaire I asked him to candidly fill out for me. I think it will be instructive to learn how much coaching can really help your fitness plan.

We week before and after handicapped by denerative disk disease, missing fingers on left hand, and one leg shorter than the other

12 weeks before and after results using my fitness plan - handicapped by degenerative disk disease, missing fingers on left hand, and one leg shorter than the other

Read what Scott had to say:

What are the top 3 questions you had before buying my fitness plan?
1 Can i really lose weight with this product?
2 Do i have what it takes to overcome my disabilities
3 And is this Harry Johnson for real! is he really going to be there for me?

Why did you most likely want to purchase/use this?
Because it was just not another diet miracle pill like the others

What were your 3 biggest objections (that were overcome somehow) when considering buying my fitness plan?
1. If it will really work
2. Will i really get the results
3. Will this guy be there to answer my ?

What keeps you up at night?
My sleep Apnea and Generative Disk desease

What are you most afraid of?

What are you angry about?
Not staying in shape years ago

What do you worry about?
My health

What do you secretly desire?
I desire to be healthy and feel good

What are your top 3 frustrations?
1. Lacking the energy to work out
2. not having the money to pay bills
3. Feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything

What is the main problem you are trying to solve with my fitness plan?
Get healthy again

Why do you have this problem to begin with?
Got lazy and gave up

Scott Engel 12 week results. Scott has degenerative disk disease, one leg shorter than the other, and missing fingers. What's your excuse for not getting better results than Scott?

Scott Engel 12 week results. Scott has degenerative disk disease, one leg shorter than the other, and missing fingers. What's your excuse for not getting better results than Scott?

Why do you want to get rid of it?
Im 48 and you Harry Johnson inspired me to to take charge of my life again. And only because you were there as my coach

What are the top 3 emotional reasons you bought my fitness plan?
1. I needed somthing to really work this time
2. The doctor told me i have an health issue
3. Loss self confidence

What are the top 3 logical reasons you bought my fitness plan? (What’s the justification for buying?)
1. lose weight to help my sleeping condition
2. to get lean muscle and stay that way until i die, only your program can alow that for people.
3. to help others when im living proof that it works

What did I do to get you to trust me and my website?
You Harry Johnson have not lied to me in any way, shape, or form and seemed to be really sincere about helping people.

What other kind of websites do you visit frequently that are related to mine?
Yours is the first web site i come across with this type of help

Harry i just lost another 1% of fat, when this is over in 12 weeks i will have to buy new close. Your program with your help needs to be on American TV on OPRA. Your a vary special person Harry many people just want to make money but when you personally take time to coach the group it say’s alot about the individual. At no time i have felt like you are a rip off but the opposite, a big hearted person. I want to fullfill my life and help others too so im telling everyone about you and your products. We need to get America Harry Johnsonized into shape. Thanks My Friend

Hi Harry, having a personal trainer keeps me on my toes i do not want to let you down. So that keeps me positive a focused on my exercise and dieting. I realize shortly we will finish and you will start with another group so we need to learn as much as we can in 12 weeks. I have benefited greatly and i just keep getting healthier. This is the best ive felt in years and i have that positive outlook on life from the help of the body maps you supplied. You cannot accomplish this goal without the maps.

Harry my 12 week pictures i started at 22% body fat ended at 9.5%.  My pants size was 34″ 3/4 and at my 12 weeks im wearing a size 32″x34″ blue jean. The  diet and exercise becomes natural, just like making the meals each day. We need to stay positive because we will have ups and downs. Ive had a few times where i slipped with the diet or exercise. You just pick up and get into the grove again no big deal . My left leg is .400 shorter than the right I only have a couple of fingers on my left hand and  generative disc disease thats slowing me down along with sleep apnea. So i think im doing really good with what i can do. I still want to be a ameture bodybuilder. People dont need to get upset with themselves when problems accure, keep pushing forward have that drive and dont let go.

Scott Engel

These results and comments by people like Scott Engel inspire me, push me to develop better and more effective ways to get in shape, and fuel my desire to help others.

Do you want to be a success story like Scott? Does any of what Scott said ring true with you too? Then fill out the form below to get on the advance notification list before the 200 slots I’ve allocated for this event have been filled up. First come, first served. This could be a life changer for you my friend. Simple decisions can lead to momentous outcomes. Here are the details again:

I’m hosting a Free Webinar on July 7th, 2009, at 9:00 PM EST. I will attempt to answer all of your questions about getting into great shape quickly, and easily, as well as details about my program.  I can only hold 200 people, and I’m not only sending this email to my list of 97,000 subscribers, but also my fitness partners will send their clients as well. I can promise you those 200 slots will go quickly.

So if you’re interested in me revealing the details and secrets of how to achieve your ultimate shape, regardless of present condition, shape, or age, then you should circle July 7th on your calendar at 9:00 PM EST for the “tell-all-secrets” seminar that will rock your world. Here is the sign up link to receive advanced notification:

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Take Charge!

Fitness King

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Ok, here’s the thing… I’ve been “really” pushing the envelope lately on my “anything goes” days. Both on the number of calories I’ve been eating, and the types of foods as well. (My exercise training, in spite of my injured ribs, has also been going phenomenally well.)

Here’s what I discovered.

1. If you do everything right leading up to the “anything goes” day, you literally have a license to eat anything, and I do mean “whatever you want” in any quantity you want, and nothing bad will happen in terms of gaining fat, or retracing whatever progress you’ve made to that point. In fact, I’ve discovered you will actually lose fat faster when you have these higher-calorie, higher carbohydrate days.

2. If you want the absolute best results then you should try and control your fat intake on these “anything goes” days. Choose foods that are high in carbohydrates (doesn’t matter the types of carbs – they could be simple or complex – doesn’t make a difference), i.e., bread, pasta, rice, cereals (think Sugar Frosted Corn Flakes – my favorite), low-fat ice creams, sorbets, low-fat frozen yogurts, etc. Eat as much of these foods as you like — no lie. My findings, as well as those from my clients, are proving this method is the nirvana for getting into your absolute best shape quickly, and easily.

3. If your exercise training is done a certain way the day after these high-carbohydrate days (high intensity interval exercise training on the morning after), and take certain supplements (branched chain amino acids in the right doses for your body weight) both prior to this exercise training session as well as twice per day over the next 3 days, your fat loss results are accelerated even more.

The reason I’m bringing this to your attention today is Read More→

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Want To Lose More Weight?

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Shoot! It’s already halfway through the year. Do you remember this past holiday, when you said that this year was going to be your year and you were finally going to lose more weight and get into your best shape?

So are you in shape? Did you accomplish any/all of your goals? Did you lose more weight? If you did I’d love to hear from you.

Have you kept your New Year's resolutions to lose more weight this year?

Have you kept your New Year's resolutions to lose more weight this year?

Most use the ending of an old, and beginning of a new year to reflect on what they’ve done, and what they still want to do in this world. New Year’s resolutions are a fertile time.

Topping most people’s resolutions are changing how their bodies look or simply to lose more weight. They want to get in shape and promise themselves they will do it this year. Yet the vast majority of people that start a new diet and exercise program fail.

If this has happened to you in the past here’s a sobering thought. Most people don’t understand that their outside reflection almost precisely mirrors their inner condition too.

Why is this sobering? Read More→

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