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Slathering on your sunblock may be making you sick, unhealthy, and fat… how?

Get more sun, lose more weight

Get more sun, lose more weight

First, take a gander at the label of any sunblock lotion. Most of those chemicals are almost unpronounceable, much less readable. Think they just might, maybe, be absorbing into your skin? You betcha they are. What do you think toxic chemicals floating around in your body might do to you? Your guess is as good as mine… but none of them are any good. Check out this article for more info:

But this is not exactly what this post is about (although reducing chemical ingestion is certainly an important topic).

This post is about how sunblocks are making you sick because they block almost all of the beneficial effects of the sun’s rays.

Sunblocks, and most car, office, and house windows, block almost all of the suns UVB rays.

“So what!”, you say. Here’s what…

There are literally thousands of bodily processes that are turned on and activated by vitamin D3. In fact, vitamin D3 is not really a vitamin, it is a steroid hormone precursor that your body needs to perform optimally.

Guess where we are supposed to get most of that vitamin D3 from?

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RE: Will You Be On My Advisory Board?

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I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support! I mean, I’m humbled. Thank you.

I’ll be going over your comments in the next day or so about being on my advisory board for my new, upcoming book. If you submitted one you’ll likely get an email from me.

Can Eating Junk Food Really Help You Lose Fat?

Can A Junk Food Diet Really Help You Lose Fat?

I’m thinking about getting everyone together for at least one group webinar. This way I can talk about my goals for the book, my general concepts, what I’ve put to paper so far (I’ve actually written quite a lot so far – about 95% done). Then, I can answer some questions, take notes from your comments, maybe incorporate some/all into this book, or, maybe for the follow-up book?

The possibilities are endless at this point. You have motivated me beyond words.

Thanks again!

Fitness King

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Will You Be On My Advisory Board?

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Hey everyone, I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to write a book, and the book’s going to be about how to eat your favorite foods, even junk food, on a regular basis, and still lose weight.

Don’t worry, nothing for sale… (yet)… What I need is your help.

I need an advisory board… or board of directors… that will help me make the best book out there for what people really need to finally get into better shape.

I’d like you to please tell me what’s missing. What you’d like to know more about. What you’d just plain like to know. If you can lend a hand to this I’d be happy to send you a copy of the book once it’s done along with my sincere thanks. I’d also like to add you to the contributor page of the book to acknowledge your contribution.

When you respond in the comments section below, please tell me why you’d like to help, and any expertise you may have (it could be anything – you never know how it might help).

Thanks for contributing.

Fitness King

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