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Most dieters are not weight loss “virgins”. They’ve tried many other diet programs in the past, with promises of their “cutting edge fat burning tips”. What brings them back to try “another” program “yet again”?

The answer may lie in their internal programming. Several studies show early experiences as a child programs our brains to act in certain ways. Also, habits learned as a child, either from our parents, or simply through consistent and repetitive choices we’ve made on our own, are deeply embedded into our subconscious. So as adults, our decisions and choices are made simply from our internal “programming” largely learned and “set” as a child.

Most repeat dieters fail at diet after diet because their own unique set of subconscious “hard-wiring” prevents them from changing on a permanent basis.

This is why “will power” is never enough to overcome decades of programming to do things a certain way. Your brain feels most comfortable doing things from habit, and, taken outside of its comfort zone, will exert all kind of sneaky tricks and tactics to get it back to what it is used to doing.

So the real key doesn’t lie in going out and buying a new diet and exercise program (although you do need a good program – but just one… not 10!), but in using the extensive power and ability of your subconscious to change your “bad” habits into good ones.

This is where hypnosis can come into the picture and make dramatic “programmatic” changes to your subconscious. Clinical uses of hypnosis are now recognized for smoking control, eating disorders, anxiety, concentration, insomnia, phobias, psychosomatic disorders and much more.

But what if you don’t have the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get hypnotized by a licensed hypnotherapist?

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To Lose Weight Fast I Have to Do What?

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So I was going to start writing about how to lose weight fast by strategically eating more food, and I got to thinking, “I’ve already written about this in the past”. And since I experienced a little bit of “writer’s block” today too, I wanted to find some inspiration for my post. What I found instead is a bit of inspiration I’d like to share with you. But before I share with you what I found, here are some links on how to lose weight fast from some previous posts I wrote:

Here is “God’s Coffee”…

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Let Me Count The Ways to Lose Weight Now

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To Lose Weight Now Come To My Blog

To Lose Weight Now Come To My Blog

That’s the word to describe our Nation’s preoccupation with the ways to lose weight. We can’t seem to get enough. And usually, as soon as we lose some fat, we put it all back on again (and then some).

So, here they are… My Top 3 Way to Lose Weight Quickly

  1. SURGERY – Walking or running is overrated… so go to your nearest doctor and have them lop off a leg. This will make you permanently lose weight.
  2. GO INTO MASSIVE DEBT – Have so many bills you have to pay that there’s no money left over to buy any food. This will make you drop a few pant sizes very quickly.
  3. HIRE A PERSONAL ASSISTANT – They have to be MUCH bigger than you. Their job is simply to shadow you wherever you go and physically hurt you if you put the wrong foods in your mouth.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with these puns.

But here’s the real serious side to all of this.

Every day you delay in doing something about getting in shape, you’re hammering away at the “nails in your coffin” just that much sooner. “But I don’t want to live to be that old anyway”, you shout. Me neither.

Can I ask you to do something real simple? I promise you’ll get a lot out of it.

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