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Son Win’s Award

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So my son comes home from school last week and showed me an award he received from the school head administrator for “Making the Right Food Choices” and being “The Healthiest Kid in Cushman”.

He was singled out in front of the entire school and given this award.

I guess my food choice examples are rubbing off on him?

He’s only 4 and already knows that certain foods have too much sugar in them and knows they’re “bad” for him. Doesn’t even faze him when he goes to parties and sees kids eating sugar-laden foods and “juice” drinks. When he sees them eating them he says, “why is he/she eating those bad foods… they have sugar in them”.

I’ve tried to educate him from the beginning, not forbidding foods from him, just letting him know that certain foods with too much sugar won’t give him the proper nutrition and he might not grow up to be as big and strong as eating fruits, veggies, and fish and meat and cheese and milk will.

His favorite snacks? Cashews with raisins, cranberries, prunes, and dried apricots.

I’m so proud of him…

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Nirvana Meal for Fast Weight Loss

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4-6 ounces of eye of round
3-4 cups of frozen (then microwaved, of course) broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens
1 tablespoon of olive oil sprinkled on top
salt and pepper to taste.

Eat this meal regularly (4-5 times per day) or an equivalent, and you can (and should) eat anything you want every 5th or 6th day or so if you do not exercise, and every 4th day if you do.

Simple, easy, quick, and you’ll get results… pronto!

Take Charge!


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