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Motorcycling Hell

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That was a little scary…

Just spent 10 days on the west coast of Florida combining a seminar, with a contest I won, where I was CEO for a day. I took my motorcycle over there (2002 Honda CBR 1100XX) and the weather was great the entire time.. except for the drive back on the last day. From the crystal clear, blue skies that dominated my stay, to dark, menacing clouds that threatened to put a big monkey wrench in my plans for a nice, leisurely drive back that morning. It was one of our famous Florida cold fronts, and it proved to be very wet, and soggy and windy indeed.

So I started back home in a light drizzle… no big deal with my “almost armor piercing” riding suit. It wasn’t 5 minutes down the road that I found myself in what felt like a tornado! Tree limbs were flying across the road and even hitting me, my motorcycle was swerving madly, I could barely see as my glass was fogging up… I was scared sh _ _ less! I had to stop otherwise I would have been roadkill for the truckers barreling down the highway.

Took the first exit not even 10 minutes from when I started, and tucked right into a Holiday Inn Express — drenched even though my bodysuit is almost impervious to rain.

Raining cats and dogs, I booked a room for the night. Turned the computer on and looked at the local radar — sheesh! You should have seen those glaring red cells I was just in. I had timed it perfectly to be right at the leading edge of the cold front. What luck!

Turns out the rain almost stopped less than an hour later, and I decided to continue on with the trip. Other than fighting sleep, numb hands and butt, I finally made it safe and sound to Miami.

Anybody have a nice Goldwing they want to part with?

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Hello everyone!

Can’t believe it’s been 12 days since my last post. Wow, guess the holidays really snuck up on me.

How were your holidays? I spent mine with family and my son, and had a wonderful time too. It was really special – I hope yours was as well.

So I did a test on New Years…

Someone asked me on a recent Ustream event I did what about alcohol on your “anything goes” days? I told them I honestly had no personal experience with it, and whether it would do you harm as far as gaining bodyfat, or not.

I wasn’t planning on doing this test, but as the opportunity presented itself… well… I did.

Here’s what happened.

First, on New Years night it had only been about 1 and 1/2 days since my last “anything goes” day. Significantly shorter than the normal 3 days. And, well, let’s just say I did my part to keep the companies that sell alcohol out of recession. Since I was the official bartender, and of course, had to taste my concoctions before I served them to others, I ended up having a bit much to drink… and also tons of food I wouldn’t normally eat, like high-fat brie smothered in a brown sugar sauce (delicious), arroz con pollo (with lots of cream added). High-fat lobster dip with bread and crackers.

How did my body respond? It didn’t like it! Not even considering my aching stomach, I definitely picked up a bit of bodyfat. Nothing major, but definitely an increase on the digital calipers. I also look like I’m holding water in between my skin and muscles, instead of in my muscles, as is the norm. I look much “smoother” instead of “tight”.

SO TO ANSWER THE QUESTION OF WHETHER ALCOHOL WILL WORK ON YOUR “ANYTHING GOES” DAYS… I will have to say no, although the other high-fat foods probably didn’t help either. Not to mention the short time period between my “anything goes” days.

So how much did YOU go off your diet over the holidays?

Are you ready to make that New Years resolution to get into great shape really stick this year?

The couple of USTREAM events I did seemed to be a hit, so I’m planning on having them on a regular basis, like once per week.

Let me know what kind of stuff you want to hear, what your most pressing challenges are, and I’ll try and help answer them for you.

See you soon!

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