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More Winners!

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As a special, unannounced  bonus, I randomly chose 12 people who ordered something from me on my (FREE) BODY MAPS TO FITNESS SUCCESS Launch a couple of days ago, to receive personal coaching help from me. This is a $997 value.

You have already been sent an email detailing how I”m going to personally help coach you to a massive body transformation success.

Here are the additional winners:

1. Lusy Sprott
2. Paul Breitkreuz
3. Jody Fluhr
4. Catherine Conway
5. Mike Patten
6. Larry Parker
7. John Rossi
8. Bob Hahn
9. Corey Storbinsky
10. Victor Mitchell
11. Joan Bowers
12. Lesley Warren

Congratulations Again to all!


Launch Day Confusion

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Been reading your posts about my free Body Maps offer.

Sorry for the confusion everyone.


You’ll be receiving them by email download link when you fill out the form. Did you listen to my video that popped up on the next page after you entered your information for the Body Maps? I said you would be receiving your body maps by email, it would take 15 minutes or so. In the email you receive they’ll be called BLUEPRINTS. Same thing as Body Maps.

As for the offers, those are select supplements that are available to anyone, And, I broadcast in several emails, on my blog here, in videos, in Ustream events, that I would be releasing my proprietary formulations. Should be no surprise.

Most people want someone that is “watching their back” and providing not only great information, but great supplements too. I plan on doing both.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE RIPWIRE you needed to either order one of the offers, OR, click on the “NO, I’M NOT INTERESTED” button on the page. If you ordered you would be taken to successive pages where you would have the opportunity to purchase (or not) additional products, including the RIPWIRE. If you clicked on NO you would also be taken to successive pages.

The problem is, the ability to order RIPWIRE is also contingent upon you ordering my Amazing Fat Burning Formula first ($29.95). If you do, you’ll see the RIPWIRE offer and all of the other offers I have. I have a special price for RIPWIRE that is only available if you order my Amazing Fat Burning Formula. It’s only available if you first purchase my Amazing Fat Burning Formula.

Here’s the link for those that want to try again. Remember, either click “YES” I want to order, or “NO” I don’t want to order. If you just close the page then you won’t see the additional offers.

p.s. I might be convinced to offer a general RIPWIRE order page. It was not originally planned. But I might be convinced to give you a link. And just for full disclosure if I do, the RIPWIRE is ONLY being offered on a monthly purchase basis. It’s in too limited a supply, and just too good, to do it any other way. We will reward those that get it with the lowest price we can offer today.

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Hello everyone!

Today is the day I’ll (finally) be giving away my BODY MAP TO FITNESS SUCCESS. It’s the same “formula” I used to win the 1998 Body For Life contest

Go here at 2:45 pm EST to get it. That’s just in a few moments so go there now to get on the advanced notification list.

See you there!

By the way, leave me your comments here for anything you like. Things I haven’t covered, questions you still need answered. AND LOOK FOR MY LIVE USTREAM “CHRISTMAS SHOW” next Monday night at 8:45 pm EST.

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