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Road Trek

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You won’t believe where I’m writing this post from.

Technology is great. I’m in a 4×4 SUV in upstate NY (here for the Thanksgiving holidays). It’s 42 degrees outside. We’re on our way to Vermont (hoping to see snow ) and I’m writing you this message from the SUV.

I’ve been reading the responses you’ve posted and they’re AWESOME! It’s gonna be hard to choose from what I’ve read so far.

Please keep them coming!

By the way, I measured in at a solid 6% bodyfat this morning, this after a massive eating day yesterday consisting of 9 (not a misprint) pancakes, fresh maple syrup (real), ice cream, oatmeal, brownies, pizza, traditional turkey dinner followed by 5 different desserts (chocolate chip brownies were the best – couldn’t get enough).

When I measured my bodyfat this morning my ab measurements had gone down by another millimeter (from 7 to 6). I love my diet program!!!

You should have seen the looks at the table last night with family and friends over. They couldn’t believe the amount and types of foods I was eating and kept asking me to show my abs to them. They just couldn’t believe I could eat this way and lose fat. When I told them I had lost over 25 lbs of fat over the last 42 days they all said I was lying. You should have seen the look on their faces… priceless.

Anyway, don’t know how much longer internet access in the car will last so better get this thing posted before it goes.


I got a big surprise for those that put up a post so keep them coming.

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This video goes along with my post below. I made a huge realization today that is going to benefit you big time! Check it out…

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It’s now 35 days into my 49-day transformation. I measured at 6.7% bodyfat this morning. This equals a 20 lb fat loss. I promise you the videos will be posted. I still have some from several days ago to put up.

I got to thinking…

As you know, I am planning on giving away my Body Maps to Fitness Success. Current giveaway date is Dec 11, 2008. That’s about 3 weeks away.

My Body Maps are not a fitness program, but are MANDATORY principles anyone must follow if they are to achieve maximum fat loss or fitness success. If you don’t follow them, or don’t know about them, your chances of success are slim to none. I’ve shown my Body Maps to a couple of experts in the industry and they thought I was crazy giving away such valuable information. Said I could easily sell it for over a hundred dollars.

Anyway, please mark your calendars for Dec 11th as that will be when I’ll be giving away a limited number of my Body Maps to Fitness Success.

I also plan to offer my fitness program as well for a special price, and for the first 75 people that sign up I will personally coach for free. I’ve never done this before, and I thought it was high time I gave back in some way…

I also have a way for you to get RIPWIRE before anyone else, so look for that on launch day too. Finally, I’ve put together a couple of supplements you MUST have in order to form the “base” of your supplement pyramid. Without these “essential” nutrients in your plan you might as well stay in bed. I take them EVERY day, and usually, with every meal. I’ll be offering these proprietary custom formulations (that are not offered anywhere yet) only on launch day (Dec 11th) and only to you.

Here’s another way I also want to give back…

Sometimes I lose sight of the things that are important for people trying to get in shape. I just concentrate on the “nuts and bolts” of how to get in shape without asking for some of the reasons why you want to get in shape in the first place. And I really want to know because it motivates and drives me to help more people.

So here’s a real opportunity for you to get the whole shebang, my fitness program (printed version even), my professionally made Exercise Companion DVD, the Accu-Measure bodyfat calipers, and a specially made pair of grips that makes my exercise routines possible. Without them you just won’t get the same kind of results. I’ll also provide a once per week FREE consultation session so I can tweak your results so you get the fastest results in the least time and effort.

Here’s what I ask from you in exchange…

I want you to tell me why it’s important for you to get in shape… in 250 words or less.

I’ll draw 3 winners (I will use my own personal criteria from which to choose the winners) from the comments here on my blog, give them my program above, my DVD, Grips, and Bodyfat Calipers, and a personal, one-on-one weekly consultation with me for 8 weeks.

I can guarantee if you’re struggling to get a new body, I can get you there quickly and simply.


What’s important to you about changing your body and getting in shape?

Provide me your answers by commenting here. And I’ll hopefully see YOU in the winners circle!

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